Borrowed Truths

The Character of a Christian (Part 9)

Borrowed Truths

The Character of a Christian (Part 9)

Possibly one of the most misunderstood character traits in a Christians life is that of humility, the word itself, especially in todays terminology, is almost derogatory, defined in many places as ‘low self-regard’ and a sense of unworthiness, it is the exact opposite of what most in the world seek for themselves. Yet in the Scriptures, it is a trait that God esteems in those who would be called by His name, “but to this man will I look, even to him that is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at my word.” (Isa. 66:2) One who desires to be led by the Spirit of god must learn first to be humble, submissive and unimportant in their own eyes, knowing foremost that God is sovereign, and that He in love allows everything that happens to you, that nothing that occurs in your life happens that He has not allowed.

In great humility the Christian that understands this will seek to humble himself to the total will of God in every aspect of his life, obediently seeking His will for His glory. What the world sees as ingratiating, God sees as humbleness to His sovereign plan, there are those who see our service to the Lord as ‘slavery,’ but we see it as willing servitude, for we have been blessed to know that all will eventually serve His will. In humility we reverence Him, though in the flesh we can only infinitesimally understand the immense and awesome power of Almighty God. We full well know that we are not worthy to enter into His presence, yet He bids us to come, and in great humility, we obey.

This form of humbleness, this humility is not subservient, is not groveling as the world would call it, it stems from adoration for His most Holy Name, from a love that can only be expressed through the Holy Spirit, and the closer we are drawn to Him, the weaker our own efforts seem to be. One must be able to understand the true nature of just who God is before the ability to humble themselves to His will can be expressed.

To humble ourselves then, as least in the eyes of the world, seems to have at least two different interpretations, the first we have stated, being sub-servient, akin to slavery in its motions, forced to remain in a state of humbleness or repercussions will ensue, or desiring to be abased because we have no worth and nothing will ever come from us of any value. It is interpreted by the lost as weakness, even beyond pity, and bordering on pathetic. I would presume that in our age the term “They need Christ as a crutch” came from those that think as such,  even in some of the church buildings of our day, the terminology of some of those who lead them is that the “church is a hospital” would stem from these thoughts, the members always in need of some form of ‘spiritual medical attention,’ instead of living in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The other end of the spectrum would be one of a pious attitude, a self-righteous and sanctimonious person who wants to tell you just how humble they are, automatically negating any true humility, for humility does not seek its own, but the things of God and to lift up the Name of Jesus. These individuals are found in nearly every religious organization, in almost every church, they sit in ‘their spot’ in the pews each weekend, they are almost always on a committee of some sort, and are at the church building whenever the doors are open, seemingly humble, seemingly holy. Yet, when an opportunity arises to proclaim the name of God and the salvation that is available to all through His Son Jesus Christ, their mouths are sealed shut, for the particular few verses that they have memorized as rote professions of their faith are not those that convict the sinner to repentance. Most generally their offerings consist only in the financial area, subtly they will inform you of have much they have given that year to the building fund, pretending not to care, yet acquiescing to the request by the hierarchy to place their name on the ‘donor wall,’ or in that week’s bulletin. They will accept the praise of men, (John 12:43) while feigning that it is not necessary. Their humbleness must be noticed by others or it serves no purpose.

Those that give in secret will be rewarded openly by our Father, (Matt. 6:4) and those who live in true humility to our Lord know that reward is the only one worth receiving, and amazingly, they do not look forward to it or covet it, for their reward is Christ Himself. The humble man choses the seat in the back, even when he realizes in the worlds eyes he is due the one at the front, the man who understands true humility seeks the things of God, not of self, for he realizes that there would be no ‘self’ were it not for God, who has created all things for His pleasure. Pride finds no home in the life of a humble man, in fact, he resents it when it rears its ugly head.

A God-fearing man does not seek humility, our sinful nature would bend it to the will of pride, to self, it can only be imbued by the Holy Spirt upon those who desire to seek for God to be glorified in the highest in their lives. These individuals, these saints, seek not their own, the baggage of the world, of their life, is replaced with the yoke of Christ, (Matt. 11:29) and in great humility they serve their master with adoring and unending love. There is no room for boasting, vanity is an unknown word for them, all personal desires have been stripped away, leaving only that which is useful to the master, His glory is the main focus of their lives, and there is no room for self.

My friends, you and I are not going to wake up some morning and be the person I have been speaking of here, in fact, in this life none of these attributes will be found fully in any of us, but as we search within ourselves for those things that are displeasing to our Lord, as we humbly pray for the Father to make us more like the Son, we will find over time that who we once were is a little less of who we see in the mirror each day. The lowliness of mind that we are told of in Philippians will become a natural part of who we are, and to place ourselves above any other will become unthinkable. Will we fall in this endeavor, will the ‘old man’ rear his ugly head at times and scream “What about me!” oh, yes, many times, for he does not want to die, he wants recognition for all of his wonderful deeds, for all of the incredible things he has to offer to all of mankind, and to not be recognized is as death itself to him, but die he must.

If you want the grace of God, you must humble yourself, (James 4:6) there is no other way, for He resists the proud, and one thing you do not want in this life is God Himself resisting you. If you desire to be exalted, you must humble yourself, (1st Peter 5:6) but if you are only seeking humility in yourself so that you will be exalted, then you have entirely missed the point, for pride cannot lift up humility. If you are not seeking to be humbled so that God will be glorified, if you are not seeking in lowliness of mind for the Name of Jesus to be lifted up, then humility will remain a foreign idea to you, and your spirit will continually be at enmity with our Lord.

Rejoice in your heart when those around you see you as in need of assistance from Him who cannot be seen, be glad when they mock and ridicule you for seeking guidance from one they do not know and do not believe even exists, give God the glory when they tease and taunt you for denying that you have any strength of your own to accomplish the task they themselves would not even attempt.

“He that humbles himself shall be exalted,” (Luke 14:11) You will be abased in the eyes of many here, derided and belittled, fear not, for in that day you walk into the eternal home of your Father in heaven, you will be exalted, and in true and honest humility you will give God the Glory for it.     

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