Borrowed Truths

Because of a poor memory I have always made notes. Something that needs to be done later in the day or tomorrow. Perhaps an item my wife wants me to pick up from the store, a reminder to put gas in the car, or maybe a scripture verse I would like to look up later that evening.

Whether it be a few hours or, sometimes, even a few minutes later, without the notes I will lose the thought and spend much time in frustration trying to recall it.

Of course, all these found their way to the trash bin when the deed was accomplished.

But there are others, notes that have value, notes that have lasting meaning. They build up, they correct, they encourage, they glorify God.

Whether from the Holy Spirit inside of me or from men who have been given the great gift of wisdom from our Lord Jesus, they are thoughts that will endure, for they are truth.

Some of them, removed after much time, from the bottom of the dresser drawer, the workbench out in the garage, stuffed in between the pages of my Bible, or from the notepad in my work pickup from when I have pulled off to the side of the road so many times, have found their way here, where they can best be used to glorify God.

These notes are not the ones that should be discarded. These are the ones that should be pondered over, digested, applied.

These are the important ones.

These are the ones that matter.

In this little area you will find no chapter headings, no subject index, there are no sections proclaiming where to find those that are gathered under the topic of love, mercy, grace, etc.

They can be read top to bottom, start to finish, in any fashion that one might choose. Some may read several at one sitting, or even all. Others may remain on just one of them for hours or even days. As time goes on, additional ones will be added, as the Lord leads.

There is no timeline for you in this section, as the Lord guides, read. If God is glorified in your life, in your walk and witness for Him, in your deeds, then these notes have served their purpose.

-Seek only the Glory of God

-Testing by God toward us reveals our true nature to us

-Never underestimate what God can do with ordinary people who have extraordinary faith

-Joy comes from being obedient, not from getting the glory

-Nothing in the service of God should be left to human judgement

-God forgets all our sins and asks us to remember all His benefits

-We can do nothing of an eternal perspective without Christ

-Do you thank God for the privilege of serving Him no matter the circumstances

-Christ didn’t die to make you happy,  but to make you Holy

-Sin has immense and eternal consequences

-A married person of character always acts married

-The desire for sex is God given, but it must be God governed

-Everything in a Christians life should be a matter of prayer 

-You can talk to God, He knows how to keep secrets

-Accept the depth of your sin and the incredible height of His sovereignty

-The will of God is revealed in the Word of God

-Are you in God’s service, or in His Secret service

-Leave the comfort of your reality for the brokenness of others

-Your responsibility is your response to His ability

-God has not asked us to live the Christian life, He wants to do it through us

-God’s glory is displayed when we bear fruit

-One of the best things that can happen to you is for your faith to be tested

-Do not “tone down” the gospel to accommodate this world

-God has the right to rule over every moment of every day of our lives

-What God has called you to do, God will enable you to do

-The forgiveness of our sins does not mean the absence of any problems

-Those who will not accept God’s free gift of salvation will have no choice but to accept His judgement

-The definition of obedience is the exercise of your faith

-Sin isn’t bad because it’s forbidden, it’s forbidden because it’s bad

-The purpose of what God does is not to satisfy man, but to glorify Himself

-Align your desires with God’s purpose

-When you enter the Christian life you do not enter a playground, but a battlefield. You cannot mature on a playground

-Apply your heart to discover who God is and what pleases Him

-God will not always do what we want, but He will always do what is best

-Just because you show up when the church doors are open, doesn’t mean you are a Christian

-Be prepared to suffer, be humiliated, and to sacrifice for the Lord Jesus

-Take God seriously and trust Him completely

-If you are not ready to submit to Jesus, than you are not prepared to call Him Lord

-God wants a you that’s dependent on Him

-We don’t have to understand what God is doing in our lives to trust Him

-Be fully persuaded that what God has promised, He will perform, nothing is impossible with God

-A saint is not someone who has been exalted, it is someone who exalts Jesus

-Pray, listen, do

-Christlikeness is the goal

-Cultivate a hatred of sin within yourself

-All of the dark and malignant things in your heart must be brought into the light of God’s love

-The Lord is rather stubborn when He wants His will obeyed

-God commands the impossible and gives us the ability to do it

-Everything that a Christian does should be for the glory of the Lord

-Don’t let the devil condemn you when Jesus Christ wants to convict you

-We do not honor God by role-playing and lip service

-God would rather you yell at Him than walk away from Him

-If we will not carry our cross we will not wear a crown

-Religion can never satisfy the heart, or meet the requirements of a Holy God

-Real repentance alters the character of a person

-God’s faithfulness to us is not conditional to our faithfulness to him

-Fear God so much that you fear man not at all

-Jesus died publicly for you, stand up publicly for Him

-As long as we are on this earth, God will have work for us to further His kingdom

-The body of Christ should stand out, not blend in

-God is ordering everything in your life for His glory

-Victory isn’t you overcoming sin, it’s Jesus overcoming you

-Only when a couple are spirit filled can they completely fulfill the marriage they share

-God doesn’t ask us to understand His ways, only to trust Him

-The Christian life is a call to glory through the path of suffering

-Jesus is the perfect example of how we are suppose to react to unjust treatment

-Plan for the continued growth of your spiritual life

-Ask God to let the Spirit of God make the Word of God real to you

-Joy in the Lord doesn’t eliminate sorrow, it sustains us in the midst of it

-Joy has nothing to do with outside circumstances

-When it is the honest cry of a burdened heart, prayer is heard

-If you have trusted Jesus for your eternal security, have you completely trusted Him for the journey there

-Godliness is a discipline that must be practiced

-Righteousness should be our goal not happiness

-Cultivate an attitude of gratitude

-To be vulnerable and fully known allows you to be fully loved

-God is jealous to be our provider, rely on Him

-Don’t make decisions on your feelings first, but on the Word of God first

-Surrender to Christ is not a one time event, it is an every moment of every day event

-Life is hard, God is good

-Our disbelief is not a barrier to God

-All of our decisions in life are based on our commitment or noncommitment to God

-We only invite frustration when we expect continued happiness in this life

-Peace in God is not the absence of trouble

-Is a life in Christ your main job or your side job

-God indwells believers not houses or churches

-God wants us to love Him for who He is, not want we can get out of Him

-You never ever retire in the Lord’s service

-There is danger in finding a passion other than Christ

-The people of God take up the cause of God

-What happens in church stays in church is not God’s intention

-A lifestyle that includes everything but Jesus is not a life

-You are the only Bible that some people will ever read

-He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep, to gain what he cannot loose

-Anything you can loose should not determine who you are

-Don’t spend all your time trying to please God, spend your time trusting Him

-God sometimes takes us through our problems instead of taking them from us

-The emotion of love follows the obedience of love

-There is no plan of God for you to grow outside of the Word of God

-Do you know about Jesus or do you know Jesus?

-Whatever our need, the goodness of God provides the answer

-The Word of God will show you the will of God

 -Total separation unto God from the world is required by God for His children

-Don’t let your identity be wrapped up in your performance, but in God’s will for your life

-Who would ever grow in their faith if every time they asked for something from God, they got it

-Worrying means you are mastered by your circumstances, not by faith in Christ

-When Satan reminds you of your past, you remind Him of His future

-Be God centered in your thinking and God fearing in your heart

-The strongest proof of the assurance of our salvation is tested faith

-The question regarding money shouldn’t be how much should I give, but how much of God’s money should I keep for myself

-Many preach Christ, few live Christ

-God doesn’t care about the size of your offering, but about the size of your heart when you give it

-If you have chosen to be unthankful, you have chosen to be disobedient

-Many Christians have not rejected God, they have just reduced Him

-Are you being enriched by the storms in your life

-There is a purpose in your pain, let the perfect will of God be shown

-Nothing happens to the believer unless it passes through the throne of God first

-Make God’s concerns your concerns

-He moves your soul to seek Him

-Believing is not hearing, believing is responding

-Do not watch to see what you will do when trials come your way, watch to see what God will do

-Our efforts to work for God will fail, allowing Him to work through us will see the work accomplished

-There are more believers in Christ than there are followers

-Does your life prove your salvation

-If you don’t feed your new nature in Christ, the old nature will dominate

-You cannot reach maturity in Jesus Christ without the knowledge and practice of self-control

-If you want to live victoriously in the Christian life, you must keep every thought captive for Christ

-A great many today have placed the band-aid of religion over the sore of sin

-If there is sin in your life and you don’t judge it, God will

-Whatever it is, it exists because of God

-If the only burdens you are carrying as a Christian are yours, then you don’t understand the Word of God

-The fruit of the Spirit is all other centered, not self-centered

-God is looking for people who are totally inadequate in themselves, but are completely adequate in Him

-There is no one so bad that they can’t be saved; and there’s no one so good that they don’t need to be saved

-If you are saved, serve

-Don’t base your faith on feelings and emotions as children do, but on truth as men and women of God

-Hope for the eternally lost will be a forgotten word

-A prophet is someone who speaks for God

-God does not use people He has not prepared, and He does not use people who will not prepare

-Let God not only purify you, but also your motives

-The most selfless thing we do is give praise to God

-Christ saved us to serve Him

-Only the Word of God and the Spirit of God brings anyone to God

-The Scripture will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from the Scriptures

-It’s not the faith that makes the Foundation strong, it’s the Foundation that makes the faith strong

-There is no refuge from God, only in Him

-Prayer delayed is not prayer denied

-God is not obligated to work within our time schedule 

-You can expect the best from God because He has experienced the worst from you

-Some people want what God has to give without having God

-There are no quick maneuvers around the pain of repentance, repentance that does not hurt, does not heal

-The most powerful work that God does in the life of the believer comes thru suffering 

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