Borrowed Truths


Borrowed Truths


If there is one thing I do not miss about being out in the workforce each day anymore, it is not having to deal with the idiots, perhaps I should not call them that, perhaps I should stick to the Scriptures and call them fools, for “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.” (Psalm 14:1) And so that is what they are. If you believe that we are not to call anyone a fool, then you are misinterpreting Matthew 5:22, notice the word “brother” there, these are our fellow servants, not the lost who are blind by choice or being blinded by Satan.

These individuals are fit for the stocks, that means they are purposed for correction, but “Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his foolishness depart from him.” (Prov. 27:22) These are the brute beast, good only for destruction (2 Peter 2:12) and I do not miss them one bit.

It is more than a little frustrating to watch as those who call themselves men and women run full long toward the abyss, like lemmings, they seem to have no mind of their own, but simply do what everyone else is doing, what is expected of them. They will congregate with likeminded individuals and become doubly blind, blinded by the adversary, and themselves, too afraid to seek for the truth, too full of pride and rebellion, too enamored with the religious system they have attached themselves to. They are fools, they are vessels fitted for destruction, (Romans 9:22) and I do not miss them one bit.

Are you aware that when the Lord casts all of them into the Lake of Fire, along with hell and death, that we are going to rejoice? Look in Psalm 58:10 and see the truth that many who call Christ Lord refuse to accept, those who have assisted this world and its path to the enabled society, the “you can have what you want because you have value” new order. They are vessels fitted to destruction, they are fit for the stocks, the wrath of God abides on them, and we must tear ourselves in two pieces each and every day for them. They are our enemies, “For he that is not against us is on our part.” (Mark 9:40) And so we are commanded to love them. Not this simple-minded trash that has been spewed out by the religious and misled Christians idea of love, but the action of love. We are to love these fools because we know for a fact that the wrath of God is abiding on them, and no man should be placed in that position and left there when there is still hope, while he is still breathing.

Sometimes we need to stop casting our “pearls before swine,” (Matt. 7:6) sometimes we need to shake the dust of our feet off and move on. (Matt. 10:14) And if you understand even one of the smallest structures of this letter to you, you know for a fact what a relief that can be sometimes. Some of them are just downright stupid, complete and total fools, no desire whatsoever to even listen to the truth, unable to place even one cognitive passing synopsis of their mind upon the possibility that they may be wrong, that they are not all they believe themselves to be, that they hold no eternal value save to show the glory of God to His servant. (1 Peter 2:12) Everyone should be able to do or be anything or anyone they want to be. Sheer stupidity. A slave has no rights, and every single person on this planet is either a slave to Christ or a slave to death.

Those who completely deny Him, those who serve false gods or reside within the structures of the religious organizations all around this planet, all are fools. Each and every time I meet one of them though, I love them, I tell them of the risen Savior that is waiting for them to open their heart to Him, of the only hope that there is in this life or the one to come. Sometimes they listen, not very often though, they are fools, and I expect them to behave as one. My hope and prayer is just that a few of them will see the light, repent, and begin to serve whom they will all serve in the end anyway, in one place or another.

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