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Most people do not like to be challenged, this is self-evident in most conversations I have had with many of them over the years, their first response when they are is generally an excuse, then the defensive mechanisms kick in, then they go on the attack, or fold and stop the conversation altogether, either by leaving or attempting to change the subject. It is, as I have noticed over the years, the course of nearly each individual when they are challenged.

Any boxer will tell you that they spend just as much time preparing to be hit as they do in the proper technique of punching, for they know that is part of the sport they have chosen to participate in. Many Christians have not prepared in the same way, they may have a few Scripture verses memorized, they may even have read a few books, but when they are challenged on their salvation, the reason for their faith, they proceed in the same three or four steps mentioned above. The reason of course is simple, they do not know, they can give no explanation outside of the obligations they feel are correct, their church attendance, after service fellowship meetings, and an occasional mid-week Bible study, or in that they just feel saved.

The tares are mixed in with the wheat, and it is not our responsibility to weed them out, it is ours to prove by our actions, words, and deeds that we are of the wheat. It is a cautious line one must walk when we meet those who say they are saved, you have two choices, you can either outright believe them, or you can begin to ask questions, unobtrusively, but directly. Why though would we want to do such a thing, what difference could it possibly make to us if or if not this person in front of you is really a child of the Most High. “Howbeit, because by this deed thou hast given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born unto thee shall surely die.” (2nd Sam. 12:14)

Some of the lost do not think they are lost, they believe themselves saved, and the words and character of their lives is what those who care nothing for Christ and the things of God are going to be shown to the world that this is how a Christian is, this is what they say, this is how they direct their lives. By their very nature they cause the name of the Lord to be defamed. What are we to do when we meet these religious individuals, these that are deceiving themselves, and are being deceived, those who are allowing the name of the Most High to be defamed?

 Love them, but love them with firm truth, with the Word of God and the convictions that can come only from it. They will soon see the folly of their own path and after following the same, well known basic “three steps” mentioned earlier, will either leave or repent, but not to you, you are not there in their presence to judge them, to root them out, as it were, but to give them the truths of the Word of God and let them see if that truth holds a firm place within them. I am afraid that you will find though that most will simply find something to blame you with, they will become defensive and just leave, Satan and their own foolish minds have blinded many of them past the point of return. They have received the mind of a reprobate, (Romans 1:28) and their hearts have been darkened, (Eph. 4:18) Their religion has become their god.

How then are we to know if we are truly speaking to a brother or sister in Christ? By their words of praise for His name, by their desire to speak of Christ and nothing but Him, by their sadness, in a sense, when it is time to leave each others company, because these encounters are so very rare these days. How do you know for a fact that you are not being deceived? Because you initiate these conversations, the Word of God is precious to you, and you do not speak them lightly, each person is an opportunity.

If you are not doing these things, if you are not questioning, then perhaps it is you who should be questioned, if you are not initiating conversations about Christ, then you need to take a very close look at yourself and see just what it is you spend most of your time talking about with others. Those who do not care about Jesus do not speak about Him, those who do not care about others do not speak to them about Christ, they enter into every conversation with only the first of the three tenants mentioned above, they give excuses.

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