Borrowed Truths

Your Last Will

Borrowed Truths

Your Last Will

Are you aware of the percentage of people that have a will made out, a few pieces of paper directing those left here on earth after their demise of their desires of what is to be done with their earthly possessions they have accumulated. I am sorry to say this, but that percentage is very low, for to accomplish this task, a certain fact must be addressed, death is coming, it is imminent, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop this truth.

Death has been a very interesting subject to me ever since my youth, perhaps because I was exposed to it at an early age, or maybe it is because I have seen it come close to me many times, either way, it is a topic that is neither contemplated by many or discussed among individuals in a matter of fact way. As I have mentioned in previous letters to you, death is not our friend, our friends are not going to be cast into the Lake of Fire, (Rev. 20:14) but he is also no one to fear, for I believe that our lives and our deaths are firmly in the Lord’s hands, and when He sends him to collect us, as it were, at that moment we will know that we are going home.

When these individuals that do not make out a last will and testament begin to look over their earthly possessions, in a sense what they are looking at are their loved ones, those that have meant the most to them in their walk in life, who should receive what and how much. Their thoughts are on the end of their lives, but at the same time on the continuance of those that they have chosen to be recipients of their most treasured items. From the money in their bank accounts, the house, vehicles, and especially those things that they have prized the most, the mementos that have a special meaning to them. If you have ever been to a reading of one of these wills, you know that much animosity can be present there, what was given is not always seen as what was expected, for the misinterpretation at these events are generally those of the emotional context, in other words, the one that got the most or the best was the one that was loved the most.

Tell me my friends, what kind of will do you have made out, because you know that the follower of Christ is supposed to be doing that, don’t you? It is in the inverse though if you think about it, we are to be working here, storing up treasures in heaven, so that day that we will give an account of ourselves before Christ, we can receive that which we have done for His name. You are making out your will right now, and you have been since the day that you accepted Christ as your Savior. Upon your death, there will be a reading of the will, as it were, and you will either receive crowns and rewards, (Matt. 16:27) or you will be saved, yet only as if by fire. (1 Cor. 3:15) If you have produced only wood, hay and stubble, (1 Cor. 3:12-13) you will watch as nearly every part of your existence here is burned up, and as Dr. J Vernon McGee has said, you will walk around heaven smelling like smoke.

If you have built on a firm foundation, if those works have been done by you through the power of the Holy Spirit, using gold, silver and precious stones (1 Cor. 3;12-13) you will find your rewards many, and perhaps even a crown on two on your head. The man who is wise makes his will out here on earth long before his demise, and he spends much time in contemplation over it, it is important to him, and much effort and conscious thought must be put into it. Once it is completed, he can rest assured for the remainder of his days that his wishes will be met. We my friends can have that same assurance, but for us it can be even easier, though far too many make it much more difficult than it really is.

You see, the problem remains the same for many Christians, the same dilemma surrounds them that surrounds the lost, they do not want to think about their death. When, and if, they spend any amount of time seriously contemplating that moment it is as if there are three different aspects to it, the now, the then, and that bothersome door that comes between the now and the then. That door of death is not something that is either anticipated or relished, it is almost always seen with a modicum of fear, and that fear is what keeps them from writing their will out here, working unto the Lord as they know they should be doing. Far too many endeavor to live a long life, instead of contemplating an early death, and again, I am sorry to say this, but I believe that there are quite a few brothers and sisters of ours in heaven saying, “I wish I would have.”

If there is one thing that will get you living for Christ, it is the undeniable truth that one day you will die, why do you think so many people who have almost died seem to have so much vigor for life, who are changed overnight into completely different people. But even the lost can achieve this, for the believer that near-death experience is not necessary, or should not be. He has simply to trust and obey, to have the faith granted by God to him that everything happens for his good, (Romans 8:28) even the moment of his death. I would like you to think about something here, although animosity, jealousy, envy and the like do not exist in heaven, how would it make you feel today, right now, knowing that many of these who have gone before you will watch as your will is read, as you give your account to the Lord of your life, and there is nothing of value that you have brought to Him. Kind of makes you want to get started today, doesn’t it?

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