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You Must Leave

you must leave
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You Must Leave

Pause for a moment here and give thought to those people in your life that you surround yourself with, how often do you hear the praise of God flow from their lips, how many times can you count in the last few weeks that they have mentioned His name, spoke of something they read recently in the Scriptures that affected them greatly, are the people that you choose to be a part of your life born-again believers, or are you still a friend of the world.

No man is strong enough to escape the pull of this world, or the sin that lies within it, it is as if we are in a great mist, and only the Holy Spirit of God can cause a wind that will occasionally give us a glimpse through it to our celestial home and the prize that is Jesus Christ. Those whom you continue to associate with on a regular basis who are not of the fold are the wolves that our Lord spoke of in Matthew 7:15 and wolves find sheep a most easy prey. The longer you spend in the world that they still call home, the easier it is to forget where your true home is, being around wolves does not make you a wolf, sooner or later they will feed upon you.

Peter called him a righteous man, (2 Peter 2:8) perhaps he was informed of something we do not know, but Lot thought he could withstand the wiles of the devil on his own, he not only moved into the world in the sinful valley, but he sat at the gate of it, (Gen. 19:1) when the wolves decided it was time to feast, it took two angels of God to bring him out, and even then they had to drag him by the hand, his wife missing that life before she even took a few steps from the city gate, and paying the price of death for it. (Gen. 19:26)

Many times we will stay with these lost souls in the hope that they also will come to the knowledge of Christ as Lord, and in doing so, not only are we pulled further away from the Lord, but we purpose in our hearts that some of the verses about them are not meant for them, we start to cast our pearls before swine. We refuse to see them as wicked, sinful individuals, those that the wrath of God is abiding upon, (John 3:36) those whose thoughts are an abomination to Him, (Prov. 15:26) and we instead see them as our friends. Many will cling to these relationships year after year, continuously hoping that they will heed the call of the Savior, while not noticing that the longer they are around them, the less their own lives exhibit the traits and characteristics of Christ.

These individuals are not in your life for your benefit, at best they are there to show you what you are not supposed to be, they are not there for your edification, for your growth, for any reason other than to keep your eyes off Christ. A nominal relationship with them is all we should have, their presence should not be sought out, their friendship is that of the world, and any who call the world their friend are at enmity with God. (Romans 8:7) In other words my brothers and sisters, they are not your friend, they are of their father the devil, and they will do his works.

God called Abraham from the land of Ur, from his friends, from his family ties, He called every one of His disciples away from all they knew and loved, He spent no extended time around sinners on a daily basis calling them His friends, “Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.” (John 15:14) Our friends serve Christ, not the world, our friends are obeying the Word of God, they are listening intently to the leading of the Holy Spirit, they are dying to self, our friends have no reason to exist unless it is to glorify God. You cannot be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2) if your mind is constantly on the world, those who are not part of the fold are against us, (1 John 4:8) no matter how friendly they may seem, they are wolves in sheep’s clothing, and it is the wise and profitable servant who spends little time in the presence of those whose thoughts do not reside upon the Savior.

Pray for them, tell them of your home, where your citizenship rests, but then leave them to their own devices, we are to seek the friendship and companionship of the brethren, the lost we are to lead to Christ, not remain in their presence. We are of the light, they are of the darkness, they cannot abide on that light that is Jesus, the light you are to have burning brightly continuously. Unless you plan on turning it down a little, they should always see Christ in you, from your actions and your words.

Use great caution in this area my friends, the darkness has been known to swallow up that light, until there is nothing left but a small flicker. Many a profitable servant has returned to the world, has sought the consolations from the lost souls that reside upon it, and many have ended their journey on the path as quite unprofitable indeed. Love these friends in the world with the love of Christ, but we do not move in with them, there comes a time when the world must be left behind, the wicked will remain wicked until they heed the call of Almighty God, do not think all will heed that call that you call your friends, your life is hid in Christ, (Col. 3:3) if they will not accept that, then perhaps it is time to move on. Do not allow anyone to come between you and your Lord. Let no friend draw you away from the only true friend you have.

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