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The day that I finally yielded to the Lord, the day that I got out of my vehicle and shouted up at the sky, “Use me!” was the day that I was changed. I can look back now and see how over the years He was drawing me to this point, how He allowed the falseness of the world to be seen by me, how He allowed me to finally understand that all those talents and accolades I had received were nothing but a complete waste of time, (Phil. 3:8) and that it was time for me to put the world away and serve Him, as is the duty of all who call Christ Lord.

If there is one main difference beyond the spiritual that I recognize in my life since that moment it is the fact that I am both extremely tired and continuously refreshed each and every day. The body does not function well on little sleep, nor does the mind retain its cohesiveness when the resting part of our day is short. Eighteen-hour days can take their toll on an old man, and every so often my eyes become droopy long before the work that I desired to accomplish that day is completed. We need physical rest, God does not, when we are told that God rested on the seventh day, (Gen. 2:2) that does not mean He took a well-deserved nap, it simply means that He completed the task of creation.

“The sleep of a labouring man is sweet,” (Eccl. 5:12) and so when I do rest, it is for as long as is needed by my flesh, one who desires to be fruitful in the work of Christ must not be slothful, (Prov. 19:24) he must always be diligent, pursuing the face of God and seeking the mind of Christ. It is one of the reasons I lift up the names of those who serve Christ diligently, their lives are full of the desire to serve well continuously, but they are also very tired individuals, the work is demanding, but He whom we serve is worth every waking moment. What I would politely term the “Average Christian” does not know this exhaustion, their service is mediocre at best, not much rest is needed when the totality of their service includes only the Sunday morning service and an occasional mid-week Bible study.

Almighty God will use you only as much as you are willing to be used, He offers everything only to those who are willing to give everything. Do not be deceived, you will only reap what you sow, if you sow little here for Christ, you will reap little rewards in heaven. I do not presume to understand how this statement will show its truth in the kingdom of God, I know it only as a true statement, those who do not serve Christ with intent of heart here, fully and with firm resolve will reap little rewards in His kingdom. Do not confuse these words with Matt. 20:9, those who were paid the same wage who started late as those who started earlier is in reference to our salvation, not the works that the Holy Spirit does through each of us.

The man of God is nearly always physically tired and mentally exhausted by the end of each day, constantly frustrated with the ways of the world, and always searching for a  submissive spirit to the will of God in his life, a life he values only for the sake of Christ. The godly man has put his hand to the plow, (Luke 9:62) and has the callouses to prove it, he has the scars of the world on his back, a fleshly heart covered in the armor of mercy and grace, and a resolve that cannot be hindered. He is not one that the “Average Christian” enjoys being around for long periods of time, for he has been blessed to be able to see the truths of men’s lives, he offers opportunities for growth that can cause conviction, for they are from the words of God, he shows paths to people that they should be on, but will not for lack of trust in the One they claim as Lord.

For most though he has an eternal view, he knows he is but dust, (Psalm 103:14) he knows his time, as is all peoples, is very short, his view is eternal, and he spends the entirety of his time in one form or another in the only two things that will last for all of eternity, the Word of God and people. This man has set his face like a flint, (Isaiah 50:7) none can sway him from the tasks appointed to him by his Master, and although he will fail and fall, he will rise each time, (Prov. 24:16) secure in the knowledge that those failures were placed there to draw him closer to his Lord and further from any self-reliance. The lost will both hate, fear, and admire his fortitude to serve, Satan will ask for permission to destroy his work, the weaker brother will seek him out for the wisdom of God that has been imparted to him, the “Christian” who serves only with their lips, (Matt. 15:8) will call him contentious, judgmental, and far too adamant for their liking. He knows both a deep caring love and the love of rebuking and correcting, and he sees absolutely no value or worth in himself.

This man has yielded his will to the will of God, and all of God’s children, all who are called by the name of Jesus Christ, are expected to do the same.

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