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Think of it, an entire planet of willing participants, millions of people to test your materials on, scattered across the entire globe, from every nation, ethnicity, metabolic background, every injection traceable, every single individuals complete medical records form that day forward accessible for study on the effects of the injection, and as the coup de grace, no possibility whatsoever of occurring any form of repercussions to your company, you cannot be held accountable, no matter the outcome.

It is a perfect world if you own a pharmaceutical company, not only millions of test subjects, but virtually no distribution cost to speak of, no need for extensive testing, very little government intervention, in fact, most are clamoring for your product, ordering it by the hundreds of millions of doses.

Every born-again believer who has been blessed by the Lord God with wisdom, knowledge, and spiritual discernment can see not only all of these facts, but the path that is taking this world to the rise of the antichrist and the great tribulation. I am a little slow at times, but our Father is patient with me, it took a while to understand that the “Great Reset” means that something has to be shut off first, that “Build Back Better,” means that something has to be destroyed first, and the reason that the children of the Most High God will begin to know tribulation, in one form or another before we are taken out is because we are the only ones that know the truth.

The masses must be brought into submission, willingly, and the fear of death is always the best option in these cases. This vaccination is not the mark of the beast, if it was, it would be visible for one thing, and for another, we are still here, it is nothing more than a precursor, an attempt to sway those with the weakest minds towards obedience, and a way to weed out the initial stages of the chaff, and it is working quite well. They are test subjects, it matters not what is in this supposed vaccine, DNA modifying particles or plain old tap water, what matters is that they obey. For if they are blind to the first trap, they will be blind to the rest that are to follow.

There will be no questioning from most of the human race when it comes time to take the mark, for they have been properly trained to obey, but it will employ the exact same tactics, fear, for fear always works on those who have no fear of God. “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” (Matt. 10:28)

Many, if not most churches have acquiesced to their demands, doors have been locked, visiting of those in prison, nursing homes, and the like have ceased, they wear the mask of obedience, they will accept the needle of fealty, and they will continue to do as they are told, forsaking the prompting of the Holy Spirit to stand firm in their faith, what faith they may have and whether or not it is faith in Jesus Christ or not I cannot say, I will not judge in this area, God knows. The rules will become stricter, the lockdowns have proven this, they will be eased at times, then refreshed, modified as necessary, but the main thrust of fear will not abate, total obedience is required.

Evil rulers have always been like this, it is a basic construct, force of some kind is needed first, a group of trained individuals must be employed, and must be kept content, be it called military or any other name, power must not be lost, and it is held only through the fear of personal repercussions. You will not find large masses of people on this planet congregating as a whole in a specific area refusing to wear the mask or take the vaccine, they are separated, intertwined with the blind, and so part of the punishment is left up to those who are obeying.

You have seen this truth for yourself, people persecuted in one form or another for not wearing a mask by those that do, you will not see the opposite, those individuals do not care if you wear one or not, but the right to choose is not seen as viable by those who have been deceived. Entrance in many establishments is denied to those who will not cover their face, soon it will be the same for those who cannot show proof of the vaccination, and soon they will not be able to buy or sell without the mark.

The remnant of God have been shown these truths, that fear is the precursor to obedience, that those who refuse to obey will suffer consequences. Today it is the inability to enter into certain places, without the mark, it will mean death, and most of the population of the planet do not even see it coming. I can, every born-again believer can, now, what are you going to do about it?

The Lord just had me write a letter to you about all that is happening, if I am correct, while you are reading this it is almost the beginning of spring, the time when kings go to war. Have you lost your embarrassment to speak the truth in love yet, are you warning all who will listen, are you willingly serving your Lord in whatever way He has chosen.

There will be lulls in the movement forward of our enemy, he can do nothing until he is allowed to, but he is a roaring lion who knows his time is short, (1 Peter 5:8) and he is standing before the Almighty, preparing to say the words towards the whole world that once he said in his desire to see only one man fall, “Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life.” (Job 2:4)

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