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Why He Savors

why he savors
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Why He Savors

It has nothing to do with getting caught, it is not relevant at all, it is simply the act itself, that is the only enticement, the only reason for the action is the action itself.

Satan does not act continuously in open rebellion against the Most High to upset Him, in fact, I believe that unless he is called to the throne room as he has been many times, he more than likely gives no thought at all to the Creator. He is, in a sense, the most free of all the free willed created beings of God, for one reason, he does not care, not about what you think of him, not what the Lord thinks of him, he does what he does within the limits placed upon him, and always is testing those limits to see if the “fence” has been moved a little further out.

It is the feeling, if you will, of stealing that piece of candy, the exhilaration of knowing in great detail both sides of the possible consequences, debating them within the mind, and then performing the deed, the candy is immaterial, of no value whatsoever, it is not the reward, the possible consequences are just as inconsequential, get caught or do not get caught, immaterial, the action is all that matters, and the exhilaration that comes from it.

Here is where the human mind begins to lose the ability to comprehend the mind of our adversary, here is where those who are hardened criminals lose what they have always wanted to attain. The man who kills someone will wait, wait and see if the phone rings, if the authorities come knocking on the door, wait to see if someone somewhere knows, if he is going to get caught. Satan already knows, and so he has never tried to hide his actions from the Most High, everything he has ever done has been witnessed by God, and he knows that. “Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in his sight: but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of him with whom we have to do.” (Heb. 4:13)

Yet he still does what he does, and not just because it is in his nature to do so, but because he willingly chooses to do so, in fact, he is compelled to do so even knowing the final consequences of his actions. (Rev. 20:3)

No man has ever acted continuously in this manner, all men’s evil deeds, those that are done in direct disobedience to the will and Word of God are done in secret, and done in the dark. All will of course be brought into the light, (John 3:20) those things done in secret will be shouted from the rooftops, (Luke 12:3) and men will pay the price for their rebellion, as will Satan, the difference is that Satan does not have faith in this, so to speak, he knows it for a fact, and he still does as he does. He knows for a fact that God is watching his every move, and he does not care. He does not revel in his accomplishments, save for the pride that he has, he looks for the next hedge, as it were, and he wants in.

Those hedges are coming down, in what the world once called issues of morality they are coming down, in those areas of concern and care for others, they are coming down, in love, peace, mercy, in all the attributes that man once called honorable, just, right, and in a way, common sense, they are coming down, and Satan does not test the waters before he dives in.

The entire universe, countless planets and stars, each named by the Most High, (Psalm 147:4) and earth is where Satan and the demons were cast down, the planet of men, men who did not need the assistance of the one who savors the things of man instead of those things of God (Matt. 16:23) to sin, but he is more than willing to assist him. The savoring of the things of man is nothing more than an action taken when it is known to be against the will of the Almighty, when it is done only for the sake of self-gratification. The planning of the deed is enticing, the exhilaration when it is accomplished is rewarding, but the deed itself is the draw, the reason behind the action.

Everything that is of those items that man savors is against the will and Word of God, and this is where Satan lives, continuously, without regret, without fear, without regard to any but himself, and it has led to his insatiable need to be worshipped. His fall will be great.

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