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Why Are You Sick?

why are you sick
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Why Are You Sick?

How do you know, can you make an informed decision as to when an adverse condition enters your life if it comes because of sin or not? “For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.” (Hebrews 12:6) And when we consider ourselves in the light of the Holiness of God, there is always sin, there is no debatable point here, ask Job.

But does some form of chastisement come when there is no blatant sin, does the Lord want to teach us something even when we are living a life that is pleasing to Him as much as we are able. In most of the world Christians do not so much rely on Christ as much as they rely on what He has given them, the materialistic things of the world. It is in a sense the reasons for the masks, the mandates and the injections, they are meant to remove our dependance on the Lord and His will for us, and to place it upon mankind, more specifically those who are in authority who are pushing these things upon us.

The bondage, cruelty and power of Rome is being revived.

Proverbs 3:5-6 leave no place for luck, chance and coincidence, our paths are directed by the Lord, we are to trust in Him no matter the circumstances. So then, we must ask this question in light of all this, do we get sick because we have sinned, or is it just the “normal” course of life?

Religious organizations are built upon these premises, many would say yes, you are suffering because you have sinned, others would say no, God does not send suffering for any reason, it is simply the natural course of life. Much time is wasted on this subject, when the answer is “Thy will be done.” But most, when it is possible, will rush off to the local clinic, they will pay huge sums of money to be healed of what the Lord may have sent for their benefit, for their growth and trust in Him. The standard answer is usually that the Lord God has given us professionals in the medical field that can dispense the ointments and pills to make our pain go away, and if you have been paying any attention lately to what is happening around the world, you will have noticed lines of people and cars waiting to be tested to see if they are sick.

This is how our adversary has always worked, the fear of a possible future is an excellent way to keep the masses not only in those lines but pitting mankind against himself with those who will not stay in line. Why fight a battle if you can have someone else do it for you?

It is inconceivable for some people to believe that God wants us to be sick, it goes against their idea of who they want Him to be, and not who He is. Ask yourself this, are you more dependent on Him in those times, or when the sun is shining and you feel fine, did He send that adverse condition because you have sinned, or simply to draw you into a closer, more personal relationship with Him? This is the question that many will not even contemplate, “It is what it is” is what is spoken, instead of “Thy will be done.”

To be able to see what will be is sometimes more important than to see what is, what awaits us is the end of suffering, of pain, sorrow and all those items that bring grief into our lives. The knowledge of this truth should be more than enough to get you through this day, no matter what arrives in your life.

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