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Whose Friend Are You?

whose friend are you
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Whose Friend Are You?

Are you a Christian that calls this place, this planet, home? If you are, why are you settling for less than all that has been offered to you, why would you denounce your citizenship, why would you dishonor your King with such words. This has always been this problem with some of the children of the Most High, those who have been sent as ambassadors to this planet, many have defected, they have not only become quite comfortable here, but they have actually moved into the neighborhood, begun to assimilate themselves into the ways of the world, and have for the most part totally forgotten not only their responsibilities, but the King that they have been sent to represent.

Let me ask you something if you have become this person, are you blinded or just willingly blinding yourself, have you determined to look only at what you consider the “good” parts of the civilization and the inhabitants of this planet, have you simply turned a blind eye to the truths that rest just under the thin veneer of all the lies. Unless you live in an extremely rural setting, there is raw sewage flowing just beneath your feet constantly, do you think our home in heaven will have wastewater treatment plants? In the alleys just down the street from you there are homeless people, in fact in many communities they live right by the sides of the roads.

There are children, every moment of every day somewhere on this place you have decided to call home being abused in ways that you cannot begin to imagine, and you won’t either, because then you would need to start looking at yourself and the disgrace to the name “ambassadors of the kingdom of heaven” that you have become. All manner of God’s creatures are suffering intently every day, from those that are starving on the streets, to those being used for medical experiments. Pain, sorrow, and sadness are the ways of this place that you have become comfortable with.

There are religious organizations that defame the name of the Holy One with their vain traditions of men, who speak His name only for personal gain, and you like to call it “Freedom of religion.” If there was such a thing as freedom of religion with the Most High, why did He tell the children of Israel to kill every man, woman, child, and animal when they went into the Promised Land, (Joshua 6:21) if it was such a wonderful thing to be able to worship as we all should have the right to, why talk about groves and idol worship, (Judges 3:7) why look the Pharisees right in the eye and tell them they were going to die in their sins, (John 8:21) or call them a generation of vipers. (Matt. 12:34) And you who have found peace and a home here have the audacity to call yourself by the name of the Risen Savior.

Have you gone so far down, are you so far removed from the truths of this sinful, evil place that you do not think that the Lord was speaking in the Book of James directly to you when He said “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” (James 4:4) Why not you? Because you mind your own business, you live and let live, you cut a check every week and throw it in the plate as it passes by, because you feel oh so sad for those poor people?

Face it, face yourself, as long as life is going well for you personally, you have no problem with this place, as soon as personal disaster strikes, “Oh, Lord please take me home!” And you still have the audacity to say you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. If I have just described you, you are a hypocrite, if I have described someone you know, then they are a hypocrite, and not only do they not deserve the title Christian, but they probably are not saved in the first place. It’s a real good time to start looking in the mirror of your soul my friends, it is going to start getting very difficult out there, and every friend of the world is going to find out very quickly that the world is not their friend, and it never has been.

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