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“The Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomsoever He will.” (Dan. 4:25) I am going to presume that you who are reading this are born-again believers, that your faith rests in Christ and in Him alone for your salvation, and it is to those that I will ask this quick question, do you vote? That is, if you live in a country where at least two individuals are allowed to compete for your votes, after you have studied the stands of those running who are running for whatever position is open at that time, president, prime minister, viceroy, school board, dog catcher, whatever is open for the people to vote on, if you have an opportunity to vote, what criteria do you use to decide who to vote for?

You can of course see from the opening verse in this very short letter to you from the Book of Daniel where I am going with this, so let me get straight to the point, is your vote meant in your mind to get someone into an office or to keep someone out, and therein lies the criteria I spoke of. When was the last time that you can recall hearing a candidate who was a God-fearing, Christ-centered, Bible-believing, thus saith the Lord person, like, um, almost never, right? So then, just how far down are you willing to let your standards drop when it comes time to vote, how bad do both of the candidates need to be before you just close your eyes and throw a dart, or decide to just skip the whole voting thing altogether this year, after all, it is God who places people in positions of authority, which brings up an interesting point, is God mandated to put into position the one who gets the most votes, since we are allowed to vote, is the one who got the majority of the votes His choice, and if so, is He manipulating the system?

What would happen if the followers of Christ stopped voting, would the person elected be expected to be evil, or at least hold absolutely no moral values, and if so, which candidate would you be voting for, the one that exudes the best moral values, for I can assure you that none of the values of the world are any of the values of God. I should have asked in the first place, do you really care that much what the value based beliefs of the individuals who are running for the office are, after all, it’s a position based on the structure of running a certain sector of the world of man, it’s not exactly like we’re making a decision on an elder or a new pastor for the church.

These individuals are there to take care of the business of the world, not the things of God, so why bother, all you’re really trying to do is pick the best of two known evils, you’re in a sense saying that one man’s values are more in line with yours, though far from Christ-centered, or you’re admitting that the world and its concerns hold a value for you. Unless I’m missing something, I really don’t see another option here, one of these individuals seems better than the other, but neither one has stood up in front of the cameras and proclaimed a firm faith in Jesus Christ as Lord, so what do you do, vote for the least of the two evils, or don’t vote, after all the wrath of God is abiding on them both. It is God that rules in the kingdom of men, He gives it to whomsoever He wills, not necessarily who you vote for.

Greed, graft, corruption, these are commonplace in the political arena, but God has His men in certain positions in this same arena, fighting spiritual darkness in high places, men who will not compromise their faith, but there are so few of them. If you have an opportunity, ask the candidate that is competing for a particular office the question, “Who do you say Jesus Christ is, or if you prefer, was,” and listen closely to the answer. If they say they believe in God, see if they at least tremble when they say it. It is a simple enough question, but most who are running for a position of authority over men will see it as rude and inconsequential, they are not there to serve Christ, they are seeking the office for the betterment of mankind. If you were to ask them if they believed in God, you would receive nothing but platitudes and their explanation of whom they see God as, the name of Jesus Christ backs them into a corner, as it were, for there is only one Jesus Christ, and there are many so-called gods.

You can look at how each candidate expounds on the issues, and you should, you can use righteous judgement to discern their moral character, but you cannot answer the question of why you are voting for someone who does not put the Lord Jesus Christ first unless you can answer it in the context of the world. Like I said, just a quick note, I don’t vote anyway, never have, I just wanted to see if you were thinking about what you are doing in this area.

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