Borrowed Truths

Where we Belong

Borrowed Truths

Where we Belong

In times of turmoil and strife, in times of heartache and extreme sorrow, in joy and rejoicing, in life and in death, we are right where we belong, we are safe and secure in the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ who loves us without measure.

Your life everyday should reflect this, no matter the circumstances, your life should show others that at every moment you walk in a confidence that cannot be altered, in a love that will know no end. We are the representatives of the Most High God and His kingdom here on earth, there are no others beyond His own children that He has blessed to be in such a position. It is an honor and privilege that is impossible for us to truly comprehend while we are here, but nevertheless, we must accept this position and walk in it in a way that glorifies His Name. In great humility we are to present ourselves, we are to let them see through us a love that all have the opportunity to know, a confidence that cannot be shaken by anything that the world throws at us.

No pleasure that it offers can compare to what not only awaits us, but what we have right now, at this very moment, the kingdom of God is within us, (Luke 17:21) right now we are experiencing the full blessings of the Lord, everything that we need to fulfill our responsibilities to Him has been provided for those who call Christ Lord, (2nd Peter 1:3 )we need for nothing in His service. We need not fear, we need not concern ourselves with our daily needs, (Phil. 4:19) what is happening in the world is occurring because the Lord God has either brought it upon it or allowed it, and always and only for His own glory. You are protected, not always in the flesh, but always in your soul, for He knows us and has promised to bring us home to where He is. (John 14:3)

 Difficulties for the follower of Christ are not the difficulties of the world, we are living in it, but it holds no terror for us, the path it is upon has been foretold in the Scriptures thousands of years ago, we fear not that which has already happened. We have a responsibility to forewarn the lost of these inevitable events, not to hide them from them, or to hide ourselves from what we know will occur, we have been set apart for a reason, and that reason is to glorify and lift up the Name of Jesus, no other calling higher than this can a man have. Our lives are not our own, and we would have it no other way, to live for Christ is to truly live, all other possible avenues will lead only to despair and eternal loss, and not to eternal bliss in the presence of the Lamb of God. While we are here we are to act as if we are there, that is how they will know, and it is what is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. An ambassador would proceed in no other way that that which he has been directed to act, save for when the opportunities arise to extend even further the truth of the way that our Lord desires all men should go.

We belong in heaven, that is our home, we are not on vacation here, we are in enemy territory, and for any who call themselves by the Name of the Lord Jesus to set up anything more than a temporary tent here is to dishonor His Name. To live a life on earth while seeking only what is available here is to dishonor the one who has sent us, to live for this world and all that it has to offer, to place it above our heavenly home for only a moment is to deny that we are only pilgrims an wanderers here. (1st Peter 2:11) No man lays the foundation for a home that he does not intend to live in, and our foundation is Christ, (1st Cor. 3:11) everything here, save for the souls of the men and women who inhabit this temporary plane is temporal, will not last, it is no place to build a home.

If your name is written in the Lambs Book of Life, (Rev. 3:5) if you are doing what the Lord God has asked and commanded you to do, then you are pleasing in His sight, and you are right now where you belong. Those who serve, serve well, they do not stand and wait for opportunities, although they are constantly on the lookout for them, but these who serve are going beyond what they have been called to do, they seek every occasion to glorify His Name, to lift up the brethren, to witness to the lost, to praise the Name of the Most High in every circumstance. They seek not their own, (1st Cor. 10:24) they look not for personal opportunities for growth outside of the will of God, they pray continuously for more wisdom, for more knowledge of the Lord God, for more of Christ, and they know that they will never achieve all that they desire, but we will do all that He has enabled us to do, willingly and in love for Him.

What was done at the cross is all that ever needed to be done, we stand at the foot of it in awe and admiration, but we do not linger here for long, for there is work to do, and we have been sent to do the work. Where we belong is where He sends us, to follow with a heart that desires to serve is our choice, and the child of God needs no extra time to think about that choice, his bags are always packed, his shoes are always on, the Word of God has been prepared in his heart not only to hide there to keep us from sinning against His most Holy Name, but to share, our candles are always lit. Every opportunity is a blessing, nothing will hinder the servant of the Lord on his appointed task while he remains an ambassador here, there is no such thing as lingering fear, there are no pressures of doubt within us, we have been blessed by the Lord with abilities, and those abilities we will use for His glory, no matter the possibly consequences.

This world is not only now, but always has been in turmoil and strife, and until the Lord Jesus Christ sits upon His throne here on this world, that is how it is going to remain, it will not get better. The battle that is raging right outside your door is the same battle that was there when the curse fell upon this earth, its intensity will increase, and along with that severity will arise a people for the Lord God, and those people are here today. They are you and I, they are every true servant of the Lord God, and they have not shirked their duty to warn, to serve, to, love their neighbor as themselves. You and I have been blessed with more than enough oil for our lamps, (Psalm 119:105) we need for nothing in the tasks that have been set before us, while we are here and obedient to the will of the Holy Spirit within us, we are right where we belong.

We are not going to be here forever though, our work will come to an end, we will reside in the presence of the Lamb for all eternity, but for now we are here, and here is where we are to serve, with a heart that knows no other calling, with a desire to do nothing more than to lift up the Name of Jesus, until we will be where we belong for all eternity. Do not hesitate in what He has set before you, listen intently to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, serve with vigor and desire, let all cares and fears depart from you, for whom we serve is faithful and true, and His promises are for all those who truly call Him Lord.

You are exactly where you belong when you are willingly in the service of the Lord God.  

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