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Where are Your Sitting

where are you sitting
Borrowed Truths

Where are Your Sitting

Where are you sitting, in a place where you can be noticed, where you can be called upon to serve, or do you only imagine yourself to be as Isaiah when he said, “Here I am.” (Isaiah 6:8)

The longer I study people, the less faith I have in them, I have never really trusted them, fulfilling before I even knew Jeremiah 17:5, “Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD,” I have always known that at their core root, if you will, they are creatures of fear, specifically of the one great fear, death, but the faith, so to speak, that is slipping away from me is that of their perseverance, their desire to continue on the path by choice, instead through fear.

Fear keeps people under control, forces them, if you will, to obey, repercussions in the form of pain, of being ostracized, the loss of self-worth, it can be employed in nearly every area of the human consciousness quite easily by those who have simply studied human nature. I brought this subject up this morning with my lovely wife, and it is one I would ask you to ponder, for it speaks volumes to how man truly is, a creature of fear.

If you have noticed in the recent past there have been numerous violent protests around the planet, and they will of course increase, but look at those in the crowd who are causing the destruction, those who are venting their anger at whatever cause they have determined to be viable today and you will see a great anomaly, they are wearing covid-19 masks. When I first noticed this I thought, “What a great excuse for anonymity in these situations,” but then I realized, or better yet, was again shown wisdom by the Lord, they are violent, angry people, consumed for the moment in their self-considered righteous cause, yet who are afraid to catch the flu.

This goes much deeper than the fear of death, of the fear of the loss of liberty, this is obedience exhibited in its finest form, and those who began this crusade of world domination must be laughing at the top of their lungs when they see this sight. It was too easy, rebellion in the extreme, while submitting to the same authoritative regime they are protesting against.

Few have ever met their leader, Satan does not usually accept invitations from the two legged animals I do not believe, some may have met those who fell with him, but even that knowledge in the context of this letter to you is inconsequential, for fear is the subject matter, and even those at the very top who are following the directives of the Spiritual powers in high places fear, they fear being left out of the possible position they desire to attain in this short, seven yearlong kingdom that is approaching, fear my friends is the key to everything in the world of man, and it can be used to control nearly anyone at any time.

The strongest man will lay down his weapons when his children are threatened, kings will flee when a great army approaches, people will duck down and move a little faster when crossing the street when even the right to cross is theirs. Fear is the key. There are no men who do not fear, but there are some, a very few of them today, that will face that fear and move into it, no matter the consequences.

The cause must be worth the price paid for it, the journey must be worth the destination, fear must be moved through, not avoided, if you have determined to follow Jesus Christ. Our Lord put people through serious trials and trouble in the Scriptures for us, He is allowing others to face things many of us cannot even comprehend, to show His glory, to show that service to Him is possible through fear, not the abating of it, but through it, even if it cost our lives.

So where are you sitting, in an open place, where you can easily be seen, or are you still hoping just to get through this life with only a few minor scratches, and if so, what will you have to say to Him whose “visage was so marred more than any man,” (Isaiah 52:14) the One with the holes in His hands and feet.

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