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When Will You Decide?

when will you decide
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When Will You Decide?

Within your physical limitations and the laws of physics, as we call the set known structure of the materialistic creation of the Lord, you have been given the power to do anything that you desire. Man has set upon himself varying laws that limit those abilities, based on what is considered a moral code within any particular regional area, and on what has been deemed safe for not only the individual, but for the general populace.

Because we believe that for as long as our tenure is here on earth we can own property and items, there are laws pertaining to individual rights in this area also. Every nation and community has set in place individuals by different means whose responsibility it is to listen to the public in that area and then define and set in place certain rules, regulations, and laws, then employ others to enforce these laws and precepts. You have, as an individual, the power to decide to either obey these laws, or to disobey them, this is the nature of humanity, and it is why many born-again believers attempt to live in both worlds, the spiritual and material, or worldly if you like, the world of law and the age of grace.

The commandments of the Lord supersede all of the laws of man, every time, and they are virtually guaranteed to bring contention in the life of the follower of Christ when they conflict with the laws of man. This has always been so, history has proven it time and again, and those who determined to follow Jesus no matter the cost we today call the martyrs of the past. The case in point is being brought to the forefront in the battle of today, this so-called newest strain of the flu and the imposed limitations, rules, regulations, and laws that are being enforced upon us because of it.

Careful, prayerful research into the facts of this flu will yield truths, but truth is not what is being expounded by the majority of the media and many of those who hold positions of the highest level on this planet.

Fear of the possible repercussions that an individual will receive if they are caught in the committing of a crime is the main deterrent for the individual, and the major advantage for those who have the power to wield the punishment. Do not deceive yourself, the power they wield is not assumed, they hold this power with all their might, for it is the greatest item they possess, and those who will not willingly follow their ordinances and decrees will be punished in whatever form they see fit. The entire question is one that revolves around our own free will, and the amount that each individual is willing to accept in punishment for their beliefs.

With the days fast approaching of forced obedience, to what can best be termed a worldwide fascist system, the beginnings of sorrows, (Matt.24:8) each servant of the Most High God is going to need to predetermine the course of action that they will follow before they occur, in the terminology of the world today, you are going to need to draw a red line, and as a follower of Christ remain faithful to that decision.

Lies are always preluded by subtly, with a hint of fear mixed into the equation, thus has it always been with our adversary. Here is where each of us will need to decide where our free-will will end, and our submission to the Holy Spirit, and the will and Word of God, must begin, at this point you will find whether or not you have truly been crucified with Christ.

Pastors and Preachers must make a decision, if the spiritual powers, the dark powers in high places, (Eph. 6:12) once again determine that all church doors must be locked until further notice, and if internet access is no longer available, what are you going to do. Missionaries in the fields, or in the neighborhood must make a decision as to what they will do when they are told social distancing is no longer a viable alternative to the threat of this so-called pandemic, that they must refrain from all contact with those they are attempting to reach for Christ. When you are told that the vaccines will need to be administered on a regular basis, every few months or so, and that masks and social distancing will still be the law of the land, you must make the decision concerning your acceptance or denial of these mandates, while keeping every thought captive for Christ.

Your works, your actions, your deeds are going to be what the lost around you see as the actions of what Christ would do, for the messenger is not only responsible for giving the message of the truth that he has been sent to give, but is to be a mirror of the One who sent him, we are ambassadors of the Kingdom of God.

The generalized ideology behind nearly every law set in place by man is the continuation of civility and normalcy within the context of the human race, to those who hold the power there are certain known facts, the mob must not be allowed to revolt in extreme and obedience to the order in place must be adhered to at all times. This is why the possibilities of repercussions are necessary, this is why fear must be the underlying current continuously, the fear of what may happen to you if you do not obey.

Satan is done playing games, he is beginning to roar, and he is not just looking to devour, he will devour, he will destroy all that he can who stand in his way, those who will not submit to his will. The children of the Most High God, the servants of Jesus Christ who are filled with the Holy Spirit are all that is left to stand in his way, and stand we must. You have no choice in this matter, the day of Jacob’s trouble is approaching, (Jer. 30:7) the beginnings of sorrows has begun, the elect who cannot be deceived (Matt. 24:24) have little choice but to stand, the only question left to answer for each of us is where you will make that stand, and that the Lord God has left entirely up to you.

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