Borrowed Truths

What is Your Cause?

what is your cause
Borrowed Truths

What is Your Cause?

“And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.” (1st John 5:19)

When is society, as a whole, responsible to come to the aid of an individual? If a man has the finances to purchase alcohol, yet is a continuous drunkard, should he be hindered from being able to purchase his liquor? If there are homeless people on the street, should the resources of that nation be used to house them, to feed them, clothe and assist them in every and any manner available, even to the loss of those who have applied themselves personally, who are accountable for their own place in life?

This is Satan’s world, do not deceive yourself, those in the highest positions of power, not authority, are ruled by him, and any compassion they reveal is for their own self-interest.

What nation that serves the Living God would enable drug users, would allow criminals to go without punishment, would accept the behavior of evil men, from the lowest to the highest, to live without fear of retribution.

“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” (Eccl. 8:11)

Emboldened people do not know fear, not the fear of man or the fear of God.

The objective is to collapse society as it is known, so that when the days seem darkest, the man of sin can step upon the stage and proclaim himself man’s savior, and for the first three and a half years after the Lord Jesus Christ removes His own from this planet, this world will be as a paradise, at least in a worldly perspective.

As nearly every leader in every nation has mimicked, “Build Back Better” is the path, but the man blessed with wisdom from the Almighty knows that to do so means everything must first be destroyed. We are watching this happen, and as I have been led to pen many times before, “What is approaching cannot be stopped.”

If you realize this as truth then you must ask yourself this, “What am I to do?”

People pick causes, whether it be to help that singular man who is a drunkard, the homeless camp down the street, bringing food and blankets to them, attempting to stand against the wicked governmental systems that believe money is the answer, people pick causes and then apply themselves to that endeavor. 

“And he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.” (Mark 5:34)

Consider this, one whom our Lord cured of an infirmity, what did he do fifteen years later when the next physical ailment came upon him?

You are not going to fix the world, and even if you can assist one person to see the error of their ways, to lift them up out of that pit of despair, if you as one who serves the Lord Jesus Christ do not reveal the Savior to them, and if they do not repent, they will go to the pit of eternal hopelessness when they die.

What is your cause? What good is it to offer that cold drink of water without mentioning His name? What purpose does it serve to stop and help the man laying on the street that others have passed by if it is not to reveal to them why you are doing so? Are you enabling those you know in this life, or revealing to them the life to come that the Almighty offers them?

What is your cause?

The way of the world seems right, it seems loving and caring, but it is a lie that leads no one to the cross.

The purpose of this world of Satan’s is to keep men in bondage, and while they are there to show them love, but it is not love.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32)

You have the truth, what are you doing with it, making yourself feel better by enabling those trapped by this world, or revealing to them the only way out of it?

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