Borrowed Truths

What Have You Go To Give?

what have you gt to give
Borrowed Truths

What Have You Go To Give?

What the Almighty is going to do to those who deny the Lord Jesus Christ and the blood He shed on the cross is inconceivable in our eyes, yet just.

I believe that not many Christians spend near enough time watching the damned burn, listening to their eternal screams, hearing their pleas for forgiveness. If they did, they would have a fire within them to reach all they meet for the glory of God.

It is easy to see why those who will not acknowledge the Lord Jesus as such though, He cannot be seen with our eyes, He does not always immediately heal our infirmities when we ask Him to, evil rules on this planet and He seems to do nothing about it, and according to the wicked, all the Christians do is promise a better life after this one, with no verifiable, demonstrative proof. “The just shall live by faith.” (Romans 1:17)

We have physical pains, we ask the Lord to remove those pains, they remain. We head off to the doctor, he cures us of the pain, and we give God the glory for enabling the physician to do what he has been trained to do. Why would the lost seek after Christ when they have pain when all they have to do is go to the doctor?

The Most High says He will provide all our daily needs, and in faith we believe Him, yet we get up and go to work, and then say that is how He has decided to provide for those needs. Why would the wicked seek the face of the Lord when all they need to do is keep going to work to get the money to buy the things they need and want, just like we do?

We who have been born-again live by faith, they live by common sense. What’s the difference? We give them our testimony, a life before Christ lived in drunkenness and debauchery, lived solely for the pleasures of the flesh and self, we tell them how the Almighty has had mercy on us, changed us, is transforming our mind. They say how they were the same once, rebelling and reveling in the wanton pleasures they desired, but they decided to change one day. They set their mind to a task, settled down, quite all those terrible deeds and are now productive members of society. “And I did all that on my own, by my own strength, without your Jesus.”

What have you got that they do not have?

They are at peace with themselves, they hold down a job and provide for their families, they have put their past behind them and are moving into a brighter future, what have you got that they do not have?

I would highly suggest that you give this short poorly written letter some very serious contemplation, because if you haven’t already, you are going to meet someone someday who is going to speak words similar to the ones written here to you, and they will expect an answer from you. “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” (1 Peter 3:15)

They are, in the eyes of the world, good, kind caring people who are polite, who are productive members of society, who love their family, who help others when they can, who do not intentionally cause harm to others, people who stand for what is true, right and honorable. What have you got that they do not have that you can prove to them they need?

How are you planning on bringing to them the knowledge that they need Jesus Christ?

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