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There are some verses in the Word of God that you need to be aware of, but no matter if you are a layman or renowned theologian, you will not have an answer for them. Some things God keeps hidden from the mind of man, He is the creator, and so that is His prerogative, we are servants, not masters, we are to obey, not attempt to lead.

The parable our Lord gave in Matt. 25:14-30 concerns itself not only with good stewardship, but with initiative and a work ethic that surrounds itself with the glory of God. Each of those who received coins were given an amount equal to their ability, God does not do fair, fair is where you go to get corn dogs and cotton candy. The point was the latter servant, the one who took the God given abilities he had and did not use them for their intended purpose, to bring an increase to his master. He had the ability to do so, albeit not as much as the others, but nevertheless, he had abilities and talents. Because of fear, disdain for his master, the possibility of loss and many other reasons, he did not do as he was commanded to do, and because of his inaction, he was severely punished. The question is, since he was indeed a servant, a true believer, what exactly was the loss that he suffered, was it a temporary, earthly matter or an eternal one, he still entered into the kingdom of God, for no one can lose their salvation, but to what avail, to what purpose.

The other is found in John 15:6 and Romans 11:17. The branch that was cast away, the one that was grafted in, what is to become of this individual, they are still saved, yet as by fire, (1 Cor. 3:15) was their life taken from them, what loss did they suffer. Here is the question, those who will be ashamed at His coming, (1 John 2:28) those who will receive no rewards, that have laid up no treasures in heaven, who will meet their Savior on their day of accounting (Matt. 16:27) with absolutely nothing to offer Him, what is their place in the eternal kingdom of God?

Here is where the theological studies begin, here is the point of debate, here is where the Lord of all creation has hidden from the minds of men this part of His design. No human mind, no book, no great thesis is going to divulge any great revelation to us on this subject. The unprofitable, the ashamed will enter the kingdom, but they will hold no position of authority, they have not been faithful in a little, (Luke 16:10) and so they will not receive more. They will more than likely not hold any great in-depth long discussions with Moses, Elijah, or Paul, what we have is best guesses and conjectures, the facts have been withheld from us, but one thing has not, the ability to do something about it today, right here, right now.

You must put aside this ridiculous notion that we are not to avail ourselves to Christ whenever and wherever He decides to call us, you must make the most of whatever talents He has blessed you with for His glory, no matter how many coins you have been given, you must, and there must be no deviation from this truth, you must abide in the vine, or you will be cut off and cast into the fire. The five crowns are to be strived for, you must prepare yourself today to bring something for the Master when he calls you home, when the time of your accounting is at hand. (Romans 14:12) Service to Christ is now and always has been answered in only one way, submission to His will, and to be filled with the knowledge of His will (Col. 1:9) must be the beginning prayer of the willing servant who desires above all to be pleasing and profitable to his Lord.

In this age we have given some a more “politically correct” name that fit into this category, we call them carnal Christians, unprofitable is the name the Word of God places on them, and their position in the kingdom of God is completely at His discretion. The sad thing is, they could have been so much more. “I wish I would have” will resound from the lips of these individuals throughout eternity.

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