Borrowed Truths

Unnecessary Baggage

unecessary baggage
Borrowed Truths

Unnecessary Baggage

If Satan is not allowed by God to kill one of His children, He will ask to hinder the work that man, or woman, is attempting to do for the Lord. He is the accuser of the brethren, (Rev. 12:10) he brings their deepest faults before Almighty God, attempting to sway Him into either punishing them or allowing him to thwart their efforts. We are to “be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves,” (Matt. 10:16) for the child of God to not be is to invite disaster, to say that we can blindly go about our business for Christ with no forethought or conscious knowledge of our adversary is foolish. We do not fear Satan, but we respect him, we cannot face him and win, though if we resist him, he will flee from us. (James 4:7)

One of his tricks is to bring to the child of God a full plate, many opportunities, that if all are taken at once, will detour the believer from the task that has been appointed to him. The cross we have been asked to bear is more than enough for some, but as they begin to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, as they remain true to the path that the Lord has placed them on, our adversary will attempt to place more upon them, more on their plate. Each item will seem as if it is beneficial, that the added burden will be of little weight, and that the consequences of them will be beneficial for that which they have been called to accomplish. But in reality they are no more than deceiving lies, they are like the pieces of a puzzle that look as if they should fit, and in fact sometimes do, but the image does not fit the entirety of the picture.

We do these to ourselves at times though, by believing that we can carry more than in reality we can, we set burdens upon ourselves that we are not intended to carry. Think here on the fine woman of God who has difficulty saying no to those who ask for her assistance, believing it to be wrong, somehow un-Scriptural to say no when someone asks for he help. What we have been called to do for Christ by our Lord can sometimes get buried under a pile of obligations that either we believed or were coerced into believing were not only beneficial to the main task, but were required of us to stay in good standing with others. My friends, if your friends require effort from you, if they require you to fulfill their desires to prove or retain their friendship, then they are not your friends.

Besides being pulled off track by either accepting or appointing unto ourselves these “Side-street” ventures, they will cause a serious side effect to our soul, we will become too tired to serve, we will expect to see a reward for efforts we should not have been doing in the first place. I do not mean the gained respect of individuals, but of ourselves. The rewards will be only a sense of unfulfillment though, the knowledge that once the task at hand is completed, many more will be waiting. What happens is that the project, if you will, that was set before us by our Lord gets less and less attention, while these little additional objects grow and grow. Our adversary is extremely subtle, and this deceptive trick has worked more times than we can imagine.

The world calls it “Spreading yourself too thin,” “Biting off more than you can chew,” but what it is in the man of God is the inability to discern between good and evil, Solomon did not ask the Lord God to give him wisdom, that along with many other items were the by-product of his request, “Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart to judge thy people, that I may discern between good and bad: for who is able to judge this thy so great a people?” (1 Kings 3:9) Evil is not always what it seems to be, it is not always what you see on the front page of the local newspaper or what your television news puts at the beginning of their program. Let me ask you this, do you think that Satan had to ask permission to approach Eve in the garden, did he have to go to God and say, “I would like to put your creation to the test, I want to see if they really love you.”

Subtlety is the golden key for the habitual liar, and a good liar must always remember everything he has said. What worked on them works just as well on us, “You have this, but just think what you could do if you had that along with it.” There are three things that are never satisfied, never full (Prov. 27:20) and if I might mention one more, I would say that the heart of man, that most wicked part of us, (Jer. 17:9) is also never satisfied, it must always be serving something or someone. It is of course themselves that most individuals serve, and rarely will they withhold from themselves their desires, if they can obtain what they want, they will grant it to themselves. The child of God has been called to perform one singular function above all others, serve the Lord our God, all other items in our lives are secondary.

If what He has you doing for Him is being concealed in part by many other items you at first thought would help you accomplish the task that He has set before you, then it is time to trim the fat, as they say. Release from your presence those unwanted and unneeded items that you once thought were so necessary, put away the extra-baggage that has been holding you back from completing what it was that Christ set upon you, and concentrate on the task at hand. A boat is a wonderful thing to have in the deep water, until it becomes too full of unnecessary items, for the smallest wave will then tip it over.

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