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Turn Signals

In most nations, when you are driving your vehicle and come to an intersection, if your intent is to turn either left or right, you are to inform that intention to others by using your turn signal, in fact it is a law to do so. I ask you, if there are no other vehicles or pedestrians at that intersection, and you turn without using that signal, are you breaking the law?

Some would say that it’s a good habit to perform, I say that anything that we do without thinking is a bad habit. If there is no one at the intersection, there is no one to signal your intentions to.

There are two points to consider here, what are you doing for the Lord, at least in your mind, that has become a habit that you do not give any thought to anymore, and what do you do when no one is looking? Church attendance comes to mind here, the obligation is performed without any real thought or contemplation of the reason for it. Perhaps your prayer life, a certain time set aside each day, basically the same words repeated each time, no reverential awe of stepping into the throne room of the Most High with your praise and requests. Maybe even your Bible studies, again a certain time and so many verses, or perhaps one chapter.

Hearts can grow callous when habits become the routine, the reason behind them lost long ago. That callousness can breed a familiarity that is one sided, “For there is no respect of persons with God.” (Romans 2:11) What about using that turn signal when there is no one around for miles?

I was in a vehicle once as a passenger when this happened, and when I questioned the driver, his reply was “You never know if someone is watching.” Unless it’s an officer of the law, one bent on upholding those laws even when common sense says otherwise, what difference would it make who is watching?

Again, let us return to your church attendance, are you concerned about those who are also in attendance, or the One you are to be there worshipping? Is your time alone with the Lord focused on praise or prayer requests, and if the latter, who do those prayers focus on, you or others? Do you live every moment with the knowledge that God is watching you, and if so, does that being peace or fear into your life?

Bad habits are hard to break, good habits can lose their intended purpose over time, and can become more harmful than those bad ones.

Common sense says that there is no need to use that turn signal if there is no one around, what is inside of you that says you should, that compels you to do so in that circumstance, you must determine. We are creatures of habit, the point is, which ones are beneficial to us, and which ones can be detrimental to the fulfillment of 2 Peter 3:18, “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.”

Take for instance the time you spend studying to show yourself approved, how long is your time of contemplation on what you have read from the Scriptures compared to the time you sat there reading them? How much time do you spend in church, and how much time do you prepare your heart to go there, and then again contemplating the message after the service? If you are at that intersection and there is someone else there, you must use that turn signal to inform them of your intention to turn, what are your intentions towards the Lord? If you are serving without any forethought, it is a bad habit.

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