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The truth is imperative, without it, we cannot function properly in this world for the Lord, without it, we will be deceived and believe the lies. These days have not manifested lies, they have been around since Satan first set foot on this earth, but they are no more simple to see today than they were then, for we are easily deceived. “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.” (2 Thess. 2:11)

There will be no choice for those that this delusion comes upon, it will not matter how much of the truth that we have been blessed to understand by the Lord that we might profess to them, they will not hear, nor will they be able to. I firmly believe that, at least in part, this has begun, I can find no other reason for so many being so easily misled, so easily coerced into believing what is obviously a lie. There is of course for some the pull of the world still, the desires they cannot obtain unless they follow the narrative being given, but for the most part it seems as if most are living with clouded minds.

If you have been performing a task for a number of years, and believe yourself without a doubt to have been doing it properly that entire time, and someone comes along and shows you not only a more efficient way, but the proper way to do it, what do you think most people’s reaction would be? Exactly, pride would swell up within them, they would become antagonistic towards you, you would not be thanked or welcomed any longer. To admit that we do not know the truth about something is the first step always in this way of truth, we must be willing to see within ourselves why, if the truth is clearly seen and indisputable, why will we not change, why we will not admit this mistake, this error within ourselves.

Here is why so many will not turn to the Lord, here is why they will not repent and turn from their rebellious and wicked lifestyle, they would have to admit that they were wrong, that the truths they have held so dear have all been a lie. There is wailing and gnashing of teeth in hell, (Matt. 13:50) and those who refuse to repent for this reason are those who will be gnashing their teeth, they will be in eternal anger, because they will know the truth, and they will hate the One who showed it to them at the Great White Throne of Judgment. (Rev. 20:11-15)

Unless the Lord determines that we are to know the truth, we will never know it, unless He is gracious to us, we will continuously be in the dark, as it were. I believe that there are quite a number of saved individuals who do not want to know the truth, at least not as much as the Lord is willing to offer them. It would mean that they would be compelled to act upon it, they would need to take a stand, they would need to forsake even more of the world, and place even more of their trust in Him. For them the lie is easier than the truth.

Truth hurts, it shows us who we really are, it can show us just how far away we are from the knowledge of the will of God, and there will be many on their day of accounting who, before they walk into the eternal kingdom of our home, will utter the words, “I wish I would have.”

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