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Do you remember best your baptism, or the reason behind your baptism? As I stated in a previous letter to you, when we are baptized it is an outward sign of an inward faith, it holds great spiritual, Scriptural, and personal meaning for us, but it has absolutely nothing to do with our salvation, people who get saved are baptized, baptism cannot save you, it is a symbol of our salvation. I realize this is a stumbling block, to say the least, to those who have been raised in certain religious organizations, but the truths of the Word of God have caused many to stumble, and even fall, over the centuries, for it is a sharp, two-edged sword. (Heb. 4:12)

Many in these organizations when asked will tell you that there were, and are, special circumstances allowed for those who were unable to be baptized for whatever reason, such as the thief on the cross next to our Lord, for those on a far away battlefield, when there is no water available, even the unborn, and so the traditions of men must be enacted to ensure these individuals entrance into heaven, as if any man or rule made up by man could accomplish that. Should we be baptized, of course, for every step that the Lord Jesus took we should endeavor to follow, is it necessary for salvation, of course not.

Read carefully Ephesians 2:8 and see that we are saved by grace through faith, and not of ourselves. It is difficult to understand why some would suggest that Christ would deny entrance into His Kingdom to anyone who has truly repented of their sins, (Acts 3:19) called on His name for salvation, (Rom. 10:13) the guidance for their lives here, (John 16:13) and the eternal promise of heaven, (John 3:16) because, to put it bluntly, they did not get some water splashed on them, or dunked into a river or other body of water. Once any religious organization begins to modify even one small part of the Word of God, it becomes easier to add or subtract from it over time, and the main reason is to keep the congregation in bondage, a willing bondage, as it were, for they are deceived, but bondage none the less.

There are ‘churches’ that teach what we have just covered on baptism, even infant baptism, there are those that do not understand that the gift of tongues has ceased, the handling of snakes, the repeating continuously of liturgies, I have even heard of one that has a dress code, and if you do not meet it, you are denied entrance. From one extreme, we go to the other, professed gay leaders in the ‘church,’ transgender acceptance without question to the Scriptures, all-denominational ‘churches’ where whatever you think God is, that is what He is to you, even those who teach that God is love, and only love, so all will enter into heaven. Are you beginning to realize just how much man, with much assistance from Satan, has initiated the diluting of the Word of God, and thereby the deluding of millions.

I have always been a “Thus saith the Lord” man, if He said it in His Word, that is what He meant to say, and personally I prefer the King James version of the Scriptures. There are literally thousand of different ‘Bibles’ today, and this is also one of Satan’s greatest tricks, for he is trying, and succeeding in some ways, to lift up man and bring down God to our level, to attempt to coerce these that read them to believe that God is like we are, that He thinks like we do, and He does not. (Psalm 50:21) And one of the plateaus of his false teachings is that the only real attribute of our Lord is love, that all are welcome, that none will be cast away, you can do whatever you want and it is still alright.

Satan is extremely subtle, my friends, no one save God knows how man thinks and reacts better than him, but his bag of deceits is very lite, and does not change. “Hath not God said.” (Gen. 3:1) What better way to make them believe than, first, he does not exist, and if he does then he is just a prankster in a red suit with a tail, next, to insert into the walk of the church the traditions of men, then to manufacture books with the word ‘Bible’ on them, or at least a semi-translation of the word, and then to convince many that God has no attribute other than love, and in the end all will be welcome to His kingdom.

Baptism will not save you, someone praying over your corpse will not save you, no deed, no work, nothing in a man can merit salvation, only Jesus Christ can save you from your sins. When we confess and repent of our sins and call on His Holy Name for forgiveness with a broken and contrite heart, He accepts us, and from that moment on you are, and always will be a child of God. No one, not even you yourself, will ever be able to take you out of His hands. (John 10:28-30)

Every church, in fact nearly every human being, has some form of tradition. Many revolve around a particular event on the calendar, a specific time frame that brings to mind a certain thing that happened in the past, and for the most part these are docile and do not inhibit the path that the Christian should be on, in fact, many times they can be emotionally uplifting and give us time to ponder our lives at that moment. But if you are attending a church that has replaced parts of the truth of the Word of God with the traditions of men, rituals that require much information as to why they are being performed, but cannot be balanced with the Scriptures, and you are being convicted by the Holy Spirit in these matters, than I do not envy you, for a church can become a family, and it is not always easy to walk away from family.

You must make the decision as to who you will follow, the Lord Jesus and what He commands and expects from you, (Mark 10:29-30) or a false value system and the religious organization that demands your allegiance.

I will leave you to your thoughts and prayers, and the decision you must make, with this verse from the book of John; “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”             

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