Borrowed Truths

This Too Shall Pass

this too shall pass
Borrowed Truths

This Too Shall Pass

You don’t hear much about saving the polar bears anymore, do you? Sending money for the starving children, the rain forest, victims of natural disasters, they’re becoming quite rare in these last days. They are the minor diversions, and as long as they exist, they will be mentioned, just not as often.

What they have termed climate change has even taken a back seat, so to speak, it is brought to our attention after another event of nature, for that narrative cannot be disposed of it will become useful in the near future, no, today the main diversion is the flu, and it is selling quite well.

Folks in the tropics don’t give much thought to the plight of the big white bears up north, those who live in the arid high country of the Himalayas, or the dry deserts of the world don’t give a lot of thought to the rain forest, but throw the flu out there, compound it with over-excessive fear and the bombardment of the weapons of words on nearly every media site, and you have nearly everyone’s attention.

There is always a diversion to be had, and when it is possible to create one that will grab the attention of nearly the entire population of the planet, you have the makings for control, and those that are in control rarely desire to relinquish that control. The hedges have been lowered, the deceits are abounding, and Satan has no desire to lose that which he has been given.

In the garden of Eden, he was looking only for the Lord to be dishonored by our first parents, today that is not enough, today he wants to be worshipped. It still amazes me that he who was the covering cherubim, (Eze. 28:14) he who was made perfect in his ways (Eze. 28:15) would give it all up just for some praise and honor.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that things are going to go back to what they were, I cannot see how all the mandates, the lockdowns, and all that is related to this endeavor surrounding this flu can be stopped. Fear, the fear that is being imposed upon the masses is no more than another diversion, those who are attempting this coup of all mankind are concentrating on one thing, power. Money to them is immaterial, we are speaking of Spiritual beings, fallen angels, they know full well that, “Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.” (Prov. 11:4)

Obedience is the first step to worship, by obeying the will and Word of God, we worship Him, by actions that do not adhere to the commandments of the Scriptures, we dishonor Him, we do this by choice, by our own free will. What Satan is attempting to accomplish he is doing by force, he leaves no option for free will, and he is the most persuasive being ever created by the Lord God. It is foolish to think that those who have not been blessed with the Holy Spirit can ever begin to stand against the wiles of one who could convince angels to rebel against the Most High.

If you are not praying for Spiritual discernment, if you are not praying for a heart that can discern between good and evil, you will be deceived in these days, and those that we have been sent to warn will not hear the truth, but your perception of it, one tainted with the lies of the adversary.

Our cause is not polar bears, not climate change or the economic upheaval that is approaching, these are only diversions, our cause is Christ. It does little good to be able to warn all who will listen of the truth of these days, if you do not show them the Savior that is able to save their souls, the One we will still be serving in joy long after these days have been forgotten.

Stay on the path that has been set before you, do not deviate from it, listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides you, keep your eyes on Jesus. All this too shall pass, and we will move on to the next task the Lord has set before us.

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