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They Will Win, Here

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They Will Win, Here

Everything that Satan does is a charade, a false front, covered in lies, but there is one problem for the world of men, all that he offers is real. It is tangible, can be held, felt, expressed in the form of reality. Money, power, things, all of this is visible and if you play your cards right, as they say, you can have all that the world offers.

Contrary to what the majority of the world thinks, you do not need to sell your soul for these items, one cannot sell what one does not own, all you need to do is be prideful, have personal ambition, and care very little about others, in other words, normal behavioral attributes.

Most people base their wants only on what they can afford, a foregone conclusion, and they will only dream about what they cannot buy, but not all. What some people want, they just go and take, as I have mentioned before, the laws of man only count if you get caught. It is necessary to not have an eternal view if you are going to follow the world, or at best, one that believes in a works-based system, specifically one with scales for weighing the deeds of a man’s life. Those are most generally found amongst the religious crowd, those who will not completely let loose, as it were. Minor theft, backbiting, simple tasks that even if one does get caught, the penalties are generally light, especially when they are well known, “upstanding members” of the community.

A little further up the ladder, or down if you prefer, you will find those who go for the bigger prizes, wealth, ambition, the accolades, and the recognition of man. These will attempt more, and almost always in plain sight, for their pride is elevated when they are recognized. Their thefts are the homes of widows, (Luke 20:47) their pride needs to be fed continuously, and like the pharisees of Christ’s day, they seek the highest seats at the party. (Matt. 23:6)

Then there is the last main group, there are of course many sub-sets here, but these will round out the three that will be mentioned in this short letter to you today. These do not live in mansions, but in compounds, they do not have enough money to just rent a high-ranking public official, but to own them, the third in our list of individuals who have determined that this life is more important than the next. These are at the top of the verse in Ephesians 6:12, they are the spiritual darkness in high places, and they control in many ways entire nations. The general population to them is nothing more than the “little people,” they are pawns at best, but each one of them can be used to further the agenda of those who sit in the highest towers.

Here is where you will find the seat of Satan, (Rev. 2:13) here is where he who can become an angel of light runs his empire from, he alone sits in the highest seat, and those who are following him obey him fully. The world is at stake, and all of the lost want a piece of it for their own, it is just that not many of them have the ambition or the drive to “go all the way.” Those who will though will find all of their efforts rewarded greatly, in this world, and far too late they will realize that all they sought for, all that they held in their hands, was nothing but dust, temporary enjoyment with no fulfillment, no permanence at all.

The principalities and powers we fight against have both the form of men and fallen angels, demons, and they are going to become so powerful, so vengeful, so sadistic and full of hate, that the Lord will need to remove us before His wrath begins to fall. No one said it was going to be easy. “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.” (Luke 21:36)

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