Borrowed Truths

There is No Other Path

there is no other path
Borrowed Truths

There is No Other Path

Philosophy and science have bred liberalism, the cause of the beginning of man’s fall in this age. We have become enlightened, as they like to say, we are beginning to think much higher of ourselves then we should, and it is going to lead to much pain.

No longer is sound, Biblical doctrine taught in most churches, people desire a god of their making, one that will acquiesce to their notions of what is right, and what is wrong, the world now leads most places that were once called houses of worship. Blatant materialism has in part caused this great fall, we were offered all that is, yet like Adam, wanted the one thing that was forbidden to us, we have, as a people, believed the lie of Satan, and thought that we could be like God. (Isaiah 14:14)

Many, if not most churches now, do not preach “Thus saith the Lord,” They will not listen and obey, but have decided that they can interpret best what the Lord meant, instead of submitting to His will in what the Scriptures say, they have, finally, after thousands of years, decided that they know best. These individuals cannot see that the freedoms they seek are actually heavy chains of bondage, and as the Israelites did in the wilderness, they have rebelled to a point to where the Almighty will soon act.

In one sense, I almost admire the lost in these days, they understand nothing of these Spiritual matters, and so when the great and terrible day of the Lord begins, (Joel 2:31) they will have a chance, not so with those that this letter is concerned with, those who profess a Christ that does not exist. They will be left behind, and there will be no hope for them. (2 Thess. 2:9-11)

Liberalism is what birthed the Charismatic movement, perhaps one of the most deceitful ploys of Satan ever, basing a supposed faith in Christ on emotions, the dreams, visions and (false) prophecies replacing the firm foundation of truth, eyes continually fixed upon the fruit of self, and not of the Holy Spirit. And it has only grown more deceptive as the time approaches, the subtleness of our adversary knows few boundaries, and those who have been deceived once, are easily deceived again.

Those of us who have been blessed by the Lord to see these deceitful lies, who have not fallen into these traps, whether they are called Charismatic, the Roman Catholic cult, the progressive Christians, no matter the lie, are now seen as the hateful, not just “overly conservative,” not too staunch, but as those who are holding back what the Lord wants, at least in these individuals minds, minds that are deceived. In the age of grace at least, traditions are where all these “new” religions began, although traditions have for many been the path of the supposed way to the Father. “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.” (Matt. 23:4)

Traditions are the moral bondage that man places upon himself, and they are always portrayed as lighter than the yoke of Christ. (Matt. 11:30) Without their dreams, visions, and false prophecies, the Charismatics are lost, when they feel bad, they feel lost. The Roman Catholics, without the chain that binds them to their priest, to their sacraments, are, in their minds, damned. It matters very little to most congregations what the Word of God says these days, God must change with the heightened enlightenment of man, with our awareness of our worth, our place in this creation, mankind is preparing to say, “I will be like the Most High.” (Isaiah 14:14)

The age of man is approaching, and the one who will step onto the scene will be held up to all as the epitome of what man can be, and nearly all will fall for this last, greatest of lies.

If you meet these individuals that this letter has been poorly written about, pull your sword out immediately, put yourself firmly behind your shield of faith, you are going to need them. They will attempt to persuade you with their ideas, you can only show them the truths from the Word of God, but that will be enough. You will win the battle each time, but you will be scarred, they will vehemently attack you, you will be the victor in Christ only if you use the sword, the Word of God, and here your memory verses, the Scriptures that are applicable to the battle will be brought to the forefront of your mind by the Holy Spirit of God. You will win the battle, and then you will be hated, despised, rejected of men, but then the personal battle will begin, that of pride.

To know the unquestionable truths of the Word of God, and to be able to expound upon them properly must bring great humility to you, you must remain the willing servant, it was not you that won the battles, but the Lord.

Here is the root cause of every single individual we have spoken about here, of every church that has denied the only path that God has set for all mankind, of Satan’s first thoughts, and the lies he places upon men. All those who desire to humbly submit to the will of God will appear at that narrow gate, (Matt. 7:14) beaten, bruised and bloody, with a heavy cross, alone. There is no other path.

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