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The Workforce of Man

the workforce of man
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The Workforce of Man

When I was born, some men, quite a few of them, were building a very large building, and as I got older, I joined them. I worked on that building for over a half a century, watching as others who had come before me died off, and as others joined the task of building the building. Soon, I will leave the job site, but there will be no shortage of workers, in fact, they grow in number with each passing generation. “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” (Prov. 16:9)

A continuous cycle, born, work, die, be replaced, if we could see even just the last few centuries in a fast forward motion of the people of this planet, that is what you would see, born, work, die, and everyone of them convinced that they are relevant to the continuation of the species. But they are not, in fact, if children have not come from you, then you have not assisted the human race in its growth in any way, save perhaps for inventing something that did not exist before, bringing some knowledge that was heretofore as yet undiscovered. But that really doesn’t matter all that much either, does it, the continuation of the species seems to be the major underlying propensity of the planet, especially today.

Did you know that up until very recently, that most nations did not send women into battle? The reason is quite obvious, without women, the nation will die. The continuation of the species, that is the main objective, the more of us there are, the bigger the building can be, but how many are expendable is the question, how many are necessary for the survival of mankind? The answer of course is two, one male, one female, just like the Lord started with, but that is not how people think, all life to them is precious, at least of course in theory. One’s child is more important than an unknown stranger thousands of miles away, again, but that is not how the majority is being led to believe today.

We may use this flu as an example in how to manipulate human thought. A five percent death rate, which is of course incorrect, sounds much worse than a 95% survival rate, but stating that last percentage number does not instill fear, and that the work on the building will cease. “Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts.” (Prov. 21:2)

What is an acceptable loss when it comes to human life? If you have never served as a military leader, one who must put men in harms way, you will have no answer to this question, and that is why the answer that keeps the herd in line today is none, all life is to be seen as precious, that is the narrative, that is what they want you to believe. You will not find that statement in the Word of God. “All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.” (Eccl. 3:20)

Souls are precious my friends, and I apologize for needing to use so many fruitless words to assist you in coming to this truth, but it stands as truth nonetheless. “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.” (Heb. 9:27) Every human being that is alive today is going to die, including you, and every human being is going to live forever, in one of two places. It is not possible to find the percentage of a few decades of life when taken in the context of eternity.

The building will continue to be built, whether you are here or not, you have a greater opportunity available to you. “For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved, we have a building of God, an house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens.” (2 Cor. 5:1) If you are not speaking of Christ to others, if you are not informing them that there is more after this life, that you are doing no more than helping to build a building that will eventually be destroyed, and all those who have toiled to build it will not be in the city that awaits us, and all of your toils will be in vain.

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