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Borrowed Truths

The Woke

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” (Eph. 4:29)

Today they are called the “woke” community, liberalism or the far left. Personally, I call them those who are in open rebellion to the will and Word of God.

The Scriptures and much of secular history abounds with them, those filled with pride and selfish ambition who refuse the easy yoke of Christ, yet who do not understand they have placed themselves under the bondage of our adversary. There is one thing in common that these individuals today and those in the past have besides that desire to live without fear of the Lord, and it is this, they are rude.

Now, I know that’s putting it rather bluntly, but it is an apt description for conceited people, and that is what they are. Climate activists do not care if there is a line of cars several blocks long behind them, it does not bother them to use petroleum-based products, oxymoronic in itself, to destroy works of art or deface buildings.

The sodomites, which have given themselves several letters, a rainbow flag and use the word pride, a contradiction in terms itself, rarely offer the love and respect they demand from all who oppose them, and those in authority are fulfilling Romans 1:32, “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.”

This demand for attention is childish at best, the requirements they attempt to impose on others that they do not offer to those who oppose their sinful ways are just as immature. They remind me of a small child jumping up and down demanding attention and recognition. And you, my brothers and sisters, if they are placed in your path, will recall the opening verse of this short, poorly written letter. You will not call them derogatory names, you will not mock them, you will remember 1st Peter 3:9. “Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a blessing.”

You will hate the rebellion against the Living God that they espouse, and so in love you will speak the truth to them. The wrath of God abides on them, and if they do not repent, they will die in their sins and that wrath will be upon them for all eternity. Once said, if they still have a problem with you that problem, that grievance, that anger will be against the Most High God. But since they cannot reach Him, they make take it out on you.

“To hearken to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I sent unto you, both rising up early, and sending them, but ye have not hearkened;” (Jer. 26:5)

They will hate you not because you have been polite and loving towards them, but because you will not denounce the Lord Jesus Christ, because you cannot be moved from the truths of the Word of God. They will hate you because you have shown them true love, not the mirage they have been deceived by.

You must be able to see them on fire, screaming eternally, without any hope whatsoever.

I have seen many videos of people who have attempted to reach one of these woke individuals, but I can recall none where tears have been shed in their presence. Perhaps I just missed it.

They want to be heard, they want attention, they want love, true love. “When Jesus had lifted up himself, and saw none but the woman, he said unto her, Woman, where are those thine accusers? hath no man condemned thee?” (John 8:10)

Only the Holy Spirit can convict a person, but it is those who have been born-again that He has chosen to use to reach them. That is you. Be kind to them but be firm. Offer to them the opportunity to come out of that sinking sand and to stand on the Rock.

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