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The Wise Counselor

Wisdom cannot be taught; initiative is not available for purchase. The wisdom of the world, which can in a sense be offered for sale, is of no value beyond the grave, and yet nearly all of mankind seeks it hourly. “For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war: and in multitude of counsellers there is safety.” (Prov. 24:6) But does this mean that this man is wise because he has many counselors, or is he wise to choose counselors to inform him. The greatest counselor is the one who will inform you when you are wrong, there are “glad-handers,” individuals who presume to be wise in the world, but are seeking only for their own self-interest. They believe themselves to be of more value than they are only because of their association with the wiser individual, and there are those who are more than willing to take all the credit for what others, their counselors, have actually accomplished. In both of these cases, it is pride and vanity that rule in the heart of these individuals, credit is not given to the party where the credit is due.

This is the beginning of the path of the crucified life, this is where we die to self, for the believer knows full well that all glory belongs to God. The wisdom of the world is not understanding how to invent or repair something, it is not being proficient at the task of maintaining the planet, of offering goods and services, the wisdom of the world is sin. The ability to create lust, to create want, to control the thoughts and actions through deceit the minds and lives of others. All of us have in one form or another the power to exert control over someone, whether it be by force or tears, misleading lies, or promises we have no intention of fulfilling. Most governments and politicians understand these principle full well, truth is not necessary, the perception of it is all that matters. The man wise in the ways of the world will go far in the world because he understands the workings of the human mind, and that is more than enough. People will do what you want if you give them, or at least continue to promise to give them, what they want, but the ones that understand true power understand the hearts of men the best.

Money is a great persuader, a past best left hidden can be an excellent way to provoke a man to obedience, but the best in this way of the world know that the one way that always subdues the population, as a whole or individual, is fear, specifically the fear of death. No matter the circumstances, no matter the stature or the amount of money a person has, the one who holds the power of death is the one in charge. If the masses can no longer be appeased with the material things that have kept them at bay for so long, when the ability to keep them in submission by fulfilling the desires of their flesh is lost, there is no other avenue left but pain. “You brought us out of Egypt, but we have no water, you gave us water, but we have no food, Moses has not returned from the mountaintop in the time we believe he should have, so we are going to replace you with this golden calf.” Do not think that times have changed, “There is no new thing under the sun.” (Eccl. 1:9)

If the masses are not given what they want, or if their ability is taken away to gain these things for themselves, they will revolt, and if there is one thing that leaders do not like it is a mob, it is when the majority is disillusioned that anarchy begins, voting means nothing at this junction, the starving man cannot be feed with words. Exactly like the Pharisees did in the days of Christ on this earth, the one who is usurping their authority must be killed. My friends, you cannot put tens of millions of people in prison, there is no room for them all, and if you believe they are just going to crawl off into a corner and die of starvation or stand on a corner with a cardboard sign and their children beside them, you are sadly mistaken. We are at a very specific juncture of time, tens of millions have had their ability to be gainfully employed forcefully removed from them, many of these are losing hope, and the loss of hope is rarely met with anything else than anger, and from anger comes rebellion and violence.

Those who have drawn counselors wise in the ways of the world have lost the ability to appease the masses, there is much more fear in them at these times than you might imagine. “Riches profit not in the day of wrath: but righteousness delivereth from death.” (Prov. 11:4) War, in one form or another, is inevitable, this is no revelation from God, I am no prophet, the historical facts alone will bear this statement to be true. So then, after all that, the questions arise, what is the born-again believer to do.

At its root, you, we, only have two choices, we can fear, or we can trust. There are God-fearing men out there that the Lord has blessed with the ability to be wise counselors, they will tell you that we are to obey all the laws of man unless they counter the will and Word of God, and the time is coming, and is now already in many places, where the children of the Most High will be seen as dissenters, as ones directly opposed to the welfare, benefit, and continuing advancement of the world of man. You must pray continuously to be filled with the knowledge of the will of God, (Col. 1:9) you must pray for a heart that can discern between good and evil, (1 Kings 3:9) if not, the lies will begin to be seen as the truth to you.

If you are dead to your own desires, if you have purposed in your heart to remain submissive to the Holy Spirits leading, if you truly have been crucified with Christ, any fear that comes upon you will be only temporary, you will not be led astray. In essence my brothers and sisters, you must truly prepare yourself to die. “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.” (John 12:25)

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