Borrowed Truths

The Sent Ones

Borrowed Truths

The Sent Ones

You must remember when you are speaking to the lost about their need for Christ that they have figured out how not to end up in hell in their minds, they are secure in their knowledge that they are good people, that their deeds have been noted as admirable. Each one of them has devised a plan, when they have given any thought to the cessation of their lives, that is better than any conceived by those who have gone before them. In other words, they don’t need God to gain entrance into the kingdom of God.

What you need to remember is that they do not serve the God we serve, they don’t even know Him, He is as foreign and elusive as the god that they have imagined in their own minds, and they will hear none of our Lord’s requirements, for then they would need to modify their own. You cannot give a two-minute synapsis on the way of salvation and expect the lost to forego all of their past thoughts of the way to the eternal bliss that they have convinced themselves of. This is one of the reasons why many are called, but few are chosen, the called have been given an opportunity by the Lord to hear the truth, and as He usually does, that truth is brought to the them by the Holy Spirit in the temple of one of His children, the chosen ones, those whose names are securely written in the Lambs Book of Life. They may have heard some of the accounts of the Scriptures before, Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea, Noah and the ark, even in partiality Christ and the cross, but they have less knowledge about them than many of the smallest children in your Sunday school class.

When the Lord blesses you with the privilege and honor to speak to a lost soul about His saving grace, there are two things that this person needs to know, that they are a sinner, and that if they do not repent of their sins, accepting Christ while doing so, they will die in their sins and go to hell. That is why very few Christians today want to witness to the lost, why they would just rather invite them to church and let someone in the hierarchy there take care of that. They are embarrassed, they see it as rude, too forward, perhaps that person may think poorly of them, but our Lord doesn’t see it as embarrassment, He sees it as being ashamed of Him. (Luke 9:26)

I know of believers, or at least those who have professed to be followers of Christ for many years, that have not led one person to the Lord. I will judge no person in this area, that the Lord knows about them is enough, but I can say this, that the seed that fell on good ground produced fruit, some a hundred, some sixty, some thirty, (Matt. 13:8) all the other seeds were not saved individuals, none of those first three will enter into the kingdom of God.

Tell me this, when the King sends ambassadors into a foreign country, when He sends His princes and princesses to a faraway land with instructions, what do these ambassadors do? What they were instructed to do, nothing less, but always more if it is in the best interest of the King and His kingdom. They do not fear the ones they have been sent to, they do not set up residency in that far away land, they do not find greater delights there than those that await them back home. They adhere to the proper protocols, they do as they have been bid, been commanded to do, to the fullest extent that they have been instructed. The lost do not know our King, it is our responsibility to tell them about Him, and not only about the sacrifice that He has accomplished in love for them, but the consequences of their actions if they reject that love, for He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, (Rev. 19:16) and of His kingdom there shall be no end. (Isaiah 9:7)

The ambassador, the messenger, the servant is to offer the knowledge of the gift, and the way in which it can be accepted by those to whom it is offered to, He cannot give the gift, only hold it before them. Those who hear the message are responsible from that moment forward for the consequences of their actions if they refuse the gift, there is no blemish on the messenger who has performed his duties as instructed if the gift is refused by the hearer, but woe to that man who refuses to offer the gift. (Isaiah 3:11) All who are truly saved will reap fruit, of this the Bible is quite clear, in one form or another, souls will come to the saving grace of God in Christ because of the work done thru them by the Holy Spirit. There is only one way that anyone comes to the Father, and that is thru Jesus Christ, and the only way that happens is by the will of God and the word of God, there is no other way.

Those who are too embarrassed to speak to others about this saving grace need today to change their vocabulary, stop using the word embarrassed and start calling it what it is, ashamed. That is what our Lord calls it, so that is what you should call it, and then sit down and have a long talk with yourself about why you are ashamed. Unless you are reading this on a deserted island, you have no excuse, and please, think about this, aren’t you getting a little tired of scolding yourself so many times for knowing that you should have said something and didn’t, again and again. Why do you still fear those more that have only the power to kill you than you do the One who is able to cast the soul into hell? (Matt. 10:28) Does your life really mean that much to you, weren’t you the one that said you would give everything to Christ, that He was more precious to you than anything?

You know what my friends, He knows whether you truly meant that or not, it does not matter one bit how you feel or your emotional state, He knows the truth. If you are not seeing any of the fruits of the Spirit in your life, (Gal. 5:22-23) if your works are not being accomplished by the Holy Spirit inside of you, (John 14:26) if you are not a seed that is producing any fruit, you best get on your knees right know. The lost won’t listen to another lost soul, and they can tell a pretender a long way off, but when they meet someone sent by Almighty God who has been commanded to tell them about His Son, they listen, whether they hear or not is up to them.

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