Borrowed Truths

The Second Tower

the second tower
Borrowed Truths

The Second Tower

Many decades ago my dad told me of an account that occurred when he was very young, about a large construction project in South America, the Panama Canal. It was a joint venture between several countries, a large venture in the days long before communication was nearly instantaneous as it is now, request for information and needed materials could take weeks, even months to be received.

At one particular place of the project, time was of the essence, many hundreds and even thousands of individuals who were connected to the project would need to sit idle if the issue at hand could not be solved with haste, and so, as my dad put it, a group of men said that if you take that item over there, put it together with that item over there, and then add that other thing to it, it will work. It did, and the work continued. Such is the design of God for those who serve Him, we are all members of the body, (Romans 12:4) and unless the body of Christ works as one unit, the efforts of the whole will be thwarted.

As a whole, Christians are invisible to the world and each other, we know and are known by our works, unless those works are present, not only will we remain invisible, but we will be unable to accomplish the work that has been set before us, there is, as it is said, power in numbers. While it’s true that we can do nothing of ourselves, (2 Cor. 3:5) it is also true that when we are in complete accordance with each other, the work that is set before us is accomplished with greater vigor, the barriers fall, and all the pieces fit together as a whole. The reason we do not see these types of massive efforts, whether in your church, community, national, or even world-wide stages is because of two separate yet combined efforts of our adversary and our own sinful natures.

One is the varied religious organizations around the planet, those who preach a different gospel, who stand accused in the eyes of God. (Gal. 1:8) His book has been corrupted, transformed to meet the requirements of those who would keep those under them in bondage, a form of religious servitude based on the ideologies of man. Continuous works are their path, merit of the grace of salvation based upon our performances, our deeds, and forgiveness only by the decree of the hierarchy within it. Many who call themselves Christians, and may well be, God alone knows, have unequally yoked themselves (2 Cor. 6:14) together in this way, joining together to attempt to plot the cause of their geographical area in spiritual matters, they are most commonly called interfaith local associations, and they are a combination of pagan, man-made ideological constructs, and men of God who have been deceived, who would rather be a part of the group than to be left aside to stand beside Christ only.

The other factor in the equation is the world, which as stated is tied together, yet separate only in its outward appearance in this endeavor to hinder the work of the Lord. The world, the men in it, is what the venture is attempting to appease, the outward perception my friend is almost always accepted. It is an “If we all pull together” ideology, never mind if those we are yoked with do not serve a Risen Savior, never mind if they do not preach the truth in its inerrant totality, we are of a faith, it matters not if it is the true faith in Christ and His message of eternal salvation for those who love Him. In its combined efforts, it has become not a watered down version of Christianity, but a pagan religious organization that can only lead to one conclusion, the age of man, the one world religious structure that is approaching, that is prophesized in the Word of God. (Rev. 17:6)

It took a while to get back to the construction site, but the Tower of Babel has begun its rebuilding phase. Man will once again attempt to cast God away, will once again seek to be the master of his own destiny, not just to be like God, as Satan declared, (Isaiah 14:14) but to actually usurp His authority, and the punishment will be swift. Far too many have declared their union to this idea, have stated and applied the commonality of all religious notions, have attempted to pull together as a team, no matter the faith held by those they associate with, they seek the praise and consolation of man instead of standing apart with Christ.

There are many members in the body of Christ, but not all who suppose themselves to be such are, they are deceived and have fallen into a trap that they now either can no longer see, or will not leave of their own accord for the fear of offending those they should not have been associated with, unequally yoked with, in the first place. Man has been given the right, the free will to choose whatever path he desires to take in his short lifetime, he has not been given the right to choose the consequences of his actions in the eternal if he disobeys Almighty God, that path cannot be wavered from. The path humanity is on is crystal clear to all who have been blessed with spiritual understanding in this area, to those who will but seek the Scriptures for the truths they hold. The Tower of babel is being rebuilt, those that say, “This part, that part, and that other thing will work good enough” will see their efforts destroyed just as quickly as the first tower was.

Our Holy God seeks men and women who will stand apart from the crowd, sanctified unto Him, in accordance only with those who seek Almighty God for His glory, for the glory of Jesus Christ. Leave those who would seek to make the world a better place for the world’s sake where they want to be, in the world. You seek the face of God.

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