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Who is leading who, who is in charge, who is making the decisions. Again I write as I am commanded to, I know who is leading me, but who is leading the rest. I write of the immediate today, the concerns of those who know the truth, those who have been set free by it, those who stand in awe and amazement of the circumstances that surround us these days.

I speak not of the hand of the Lord that is moving mightily, nor of the actions of our adversary, if you have studied your Scriptures then you are not surprised by the current events, although we may not have expected them in our lifetime. What I speak of is the seemingly utter, for lack of a better word, stupidity that seems to be so prevalent around the globe at this time. The supposed pandemic, the flu, has a proven survival rate of over ninety-nine percent, those statistics are verifiable on nearly every medical website that has long been held in regard by the profession, and yet the entire hierarchy of the planet continues to inform us that we must live in fear of it. There is something foul afoot, as it was once proclaimed, and as an old book of a well-known detective was wont to say, “When all else is removed, what is left, no matter how illogical, is the answer.”

What we are experiencing is unprecedented, nearly all who are in some form of authority are commanding us to be fearful of something that does not exist, and they are expounding upon this fear with rules and regulations, with brute force if necessary. Statistically speaking, this is insanity at its highest level, to fear that which has proven consistently unworthy of fear is beyond belief, and so there must be a deeper cause, a reason. With so many in these positions of authority who are continuously forcing the acceptance of what is not real upon the masses, there must be a hidden agenda, something behind the scenes that is not yet prepared to be made visible.

Our adversary is attempting nothing new here, and it is not our purpose as believers to look behind the curtain, all is well in the world, for the Lord is, as He always has been, completely and totally in charge. The surface questions are enough, the outcome we already know, the main question is why are those “at the top,” if you will, continuing in this charade.

The Lord is allowing a very strong lie, one that “if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matt. 24:24) Yet I am not convinced this Covid-19 scam is that lie, it does not take a man of great intelligence to see that approximately four days of the average daily deaths occurring over a nearly six month period of time is justification for all of the rules and regulations being imposed upon us, the amount of deaths directly attributed to this flu are in no means able to justify the placing of more than one hundred million people or more world-wide in the unemployment lines, of the literal destruction of the economic welfare of nearly every nation. No my friends, Satan is subtle, behind that curtain is something going on that few have a true view of, but I do, and so does every other born-again believer on this planet.

A one world economic system is being prepared, (Rev. 13) and a one world religious structure is directly behind it. How that is going to occur is of no real concern to us, you must remember this, “A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.” (Prov. 16:9) It is the reason why in so many of these letters to you my statements remain the same, stay on the path, you must remain in the path that He has you on unless you are one hundred percent sure that He is shifting your direction. Remember, “if it were possible,” that verse infers that it is going to be getting even more puzzling to us as to why so many will become more and more deceived, why so many of those that we thought of as brothers and sisters in Christ will seem to be losing their way. The only immediate item we are to be concerning ourselves with is what the Lord would have us to do today, and the only way that will be accomplished in us is by the same way He has always determined it should be, by much prayer and supplication. (Eph. 6:18)

The requests that we should be making throughout the day are simple, for a heart that can discern between good and evil, (1 Kings 3:9) to be filled with the knowledge of the will of God, (Col. 1:9) for the wisdom that can only come from Him to stay on the path. I am afraid that as the days continue, much chaff is going to be exposed, that those who cling to the truth that Jesus Christ is Lord are going to be facing continuous and ever-growing persecution. The world and most of the people in it are standing on sinking sand, our Rock is unmovable, unshakeable, and as the storms worsen and the waves begin to pound this planet, only those who are standing on that Rock will be safe.

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