Borrowed Truths

The Moral Construct

Borrowed Truths

The Moral Construct

The moral construct of man is not the morality of God. There has always been a debate of just how much of the morality of man has been influenced by Satan, how much of that lost purity, if you will, that was in our first parents before the fall still resides in every human being, and how much we are still being deceived by our adversary, where does the line of man stop and the will of God begin?

The simplest answer is of course that if we were to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matt.22:39) ,there would be no reason for any of man’s  laws at all, everyone would seek the benefit of each other continuously, but that is not in our sinful nature. The laws that the Lord God gave to the children of Israel were to be complied with at all times, to break one was to fall short in all, the additional ones placed upon them by the religious hierarchy were nothing more than an added burden, regulatory traditions that may have been intended to glorify the name of the Lord to an even higher degree at their inception, but in reality were also unattainable, and led of course to pride.

In every geographical location on this planet there is a moral construct set in place by man, and they vary as much as there are people. Many of them are unspoken, as it were, the length of one’s hair, the clothing that is worn, even unto the age of consent for marriage or whether consent is even necessary, the laws of man are based in human morality. There are of course those that are safety related, not everyone can drive however they feel like down the highway, but even these can be at the whims of those who have been placed in charge of the building and maintenance of them. If a particular area does not acquiesce to the demands placed upon them which are in no way relative to the roads in question, certain financial funding can be held back, and this is only one example that occurs in the materialistic world which we all share. There are literally millions of other examples. The accepted terminology for the moral construct of man is usually called a “code of conduct,” and although these are not always written down, honestly, it all depends on your financial wherewithal as to whether or not one would be expected to adhere to them. A person that is of substantial financial worth will usually do no time in prison for committing the exact crime as a homeless individual, but even this, at least in the blinded eyes of the lost is being challenged. Those who have are to give to those who have not, a simple socialist ideology that will affect only those that are deemed unnecessary to the ones who will exact this protocol, all others at the top, as it were, will remain unaffected. This should be of no concern to the follower of Christ, for it is clear in the Scriptures that it will happen, and we know their end.

Think though now if you will of the moral construct of the nation that you live in, how many of these aforementioned policies differ from those that live even just a few miles from you, much less across the planet. Why would one group of individuals deem something as appropriate and accepted behavior, while another would imprison an individual for doing the same thing, who is deciding what is right and what is wrong, and where are they obtaining their value system. There are places where people are not allowed entrance unless they have a suit and tie on, unless of course you reside in a country where the apparel is distinguished differently, but just as acceptable. Either way, when these individuals meet, usually in rooms that are just as distinguished, the finest attire available is expected, we are to portray as it were an outward demeanor of power before we will be accepted. Most of these individuals either have extensive resources available to them or sit in seats of power and influence within the worlds structure, it is the perception that matters, the impression of dominance, and it also rests in pride. Have you ever seen the leaders of the world gathered in meetings wearing t-shirts and shorts?

Perception of morality is necessary, not the actual adherence to it, and in the public eye is where this perception occurs. The moral construct is based in an emotional standard, how we feel about any given incident is what we base our ideology of the moral structure of that action on, at least in the world. Compare the world’s view of the homeless, unkept drug addict laying on the sidewalk, and elderly grandmothers having tea together. We know the final end of both of these classes of individuals if they do not receive Christ as Savior, but the world looks at them in completely different ways, one group is acceptable, the other is not, the morality of one is finer than that of the other. What does a Christian look like according to the Lord, and what should their outward appearance be according to the world, I know many believers who are trying to live in both worlds. Many of man’s moral constructs that one would think would be agreed upon worldwide are indeed not, murder, rape, child abuse are not necessarily frowned upon everywhere, some countries citizens eat what others would call a pet, some revere animals that other nations mass produce for food. I have thought long and hard over the years on this subject and I cannot find one single occurrence throughout the history of man that all men could or will agree on as a moral constraint that all should adhere to. It is a singular based, personalized ideology, and it can find no company in its totality, it is emotional, geographical, and personal in the extreme, and the only answer is the one that I believe very few individuals throughout all of history have ever attained to, love your neighbor as yourself.

If we were to add in with this to bear each other’s burdens, (Gal.6:2) all morality would be the same, this is not going to happen here though my friends, and only those who know Christ as Lord will ever be able to experience it. Since Adam bit into the fruit man has been trying to find his way back to the garden, and very rarely does Satan need to try to keep most of mankind from finding their way back anymore. The moral construct has gone as planned, everyone should have the basic right to do as they please, those who have should give to those who do not have, and if they will not, it should be taken from them and distributed accordingly, the only sin are those we commit against our fellowman.

It amazes me just how easily so many today are being deceived, how easily they are being led, how easy it is to divert their attention from the Truth. Many of those who stand behind the pulpit in the churches today have begun to depend on pleading, even begging for their congregation to become obedient servants of Christ instead of the Words of Scripture that are meant to convict, to reprove and correct are taboo subjects, the moral code of man is being used in place of the convicting words of Scripture as a path to the Father, side doors into Heaven are sought out, for it is not the nature of a man to be a servant. It matters little what the Word of God says, if there is a possibility of offending, do not speak, if it goes against the moral construct of the ways of man, do not speak, if it may bring undo attention to you and ostracize you from the community, your friends, your family, do not speak. The ideology of man, the moral constructs that we have placed upon ourselves, and have allowed to influence our behavior is not from God, it is of the world, and the prince of this world is doing an excellent job at blinding the majority of mankind, he should be, he has had plenty of practice. The question is, are you being blinded, who has set the morality of your thoughts and actions inside of you?

We are to be all things to all men, that we might save some, (1Cor. 9:22) but we are never to bow down to any other master but Christ. I can guarantee you this, what the world says is right in the area of morality is wrong in the eyes of God, we are not under the law, we are under grace. “Come out of her” (Rev. 18:4) stop concerning yourself with the eyes of men, consider daily your walk with Christ, and what He thinks of you, He is the only one that you will ever be accountable to.

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