Borrowed Truths

The Love That Trusts

the love that trust
Borrowed Truths

The Love That Trusts

You do not have to love someone to trust them, but you cannot love someone that you do not trust. There are many people out there that say they love the Lord Jesus, but these individuals still live in fear, the fear of rebukes, of reprisals, of death, of every possible fear that can be imagined, and yet they say they love the Lord.

Fear of any kind says I do not trust the promises of Christ, and I speak not here of the fleeting emotion that occurs in each of us on a fairly regular basis, nor of the overpowering fear that destroys our ability to function, but the continuing fear, that while it may not always be at the forefront of our minds, it never has been given over entirely to His mercy, grace, and protection. The flesh has no desire to suffer, do not think that any of the prophets, apostles, or any other spiritually mature man has not known fear, but it did not last, it did not consume them or remain within them for an extended period of time. Because my friends you cannot love someone that you do not trust.

Men will never fully trust anyone completely, women will trust more, but see that trust as something that can be lost at any moment, because we do not truly understand yet what love is, at best we have a close approximation of it, but it has been shown to be easily lost, or taken away, past experiences of our own or those of others have proven this to every person that has ever lived. I do not know if I would be incorrect in saying that there has never lived a person who totally and completely trusted the Lord God in every single instance of their life, humility and a desire to honor and praise Him desires it but, ““Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” (Matt. 26:41)

Those who understand these words know the truth of them, for the pain that comes in those moments of a lack of trust in our Savior are difficult to bear, they shame us. The intent of our heart must be followed by actions, for as I have said many times, there are no rewards for good intentions. But no matter the intent that we have in our thoughts of the future, the wise man understands that there will come another moment in his life when his faith will waver, when he will doubt, when he will not trust.

It is possible to trust in someone that we do not love, ask any military man about this, ask even the lowest person on the rung at any factory, the soldier trusts his leaders, the factory worker trusts the owner of the company toward his business so that he can retain his position. But every single person that has ever lived has not only caused a lack of trust in others, but has experienced the same from others. We cannot think of Christ in this same light, although He is fully man and fully God, not one person was ever let down by Him, He was and continues to be the only trustworthy individual ever. If He has said something, you can believe Him, there is no question, no doubt, there has never been and never will be a time that what He has said He will not perform.

If you believe the truth of these words, then all doubt has left you a long time ago, any persistent nagging feeling of concern for your well being has long since vanished. It is impossible to trust Christ unless you love Him completely, and above all others, for every word He has ever spoken was the truth, it is not possible to trust Him unless you love Him. When you read the promises that He has given us, there should never enter into your mind one single doubt, for then that doubt would be seen as a lack of love.

The moments of doubt are expected, but that battle within us will last until the moment we are glorified. The continuing doubts and lack of trust are indicative of a life that must be reevaluated in relation to Him. The peace that He has given us, (John 14:27) the peace that passes all understanding (Phil. 4:7) is the proof of a man who has set his entire trust in Christ, the individual who truly understands what it means to trust because of love.

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