Borrowed Truths

The Love of the Father

the love of the father
Borrowed Truths

The Love of the Father

We are loved beyond all measure, beyond anything that we could ever hope to comprehend, every born-again believer is a child of God, contrary to what the Roman Catholic doctrine teaches, not all of us are His children, for the Scriptures clearly state that the wrath of God abides upon those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord.

For those that have, we must come to a conclusion that some seem to refuse to accept. “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1) God will never do or allow anything to happen to you that is not for your good, that will not give you an opportunity to grow closer to Him and glorify His name, never. We will never know His wrath, His anger. He will never once in this life or the eternal life to come ever be angry enough at us to cause His wrath to abide upon us. You may thank the Lord Jesus Christ for this, it is what He did for all of us on the cross.

“If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?” (Luke 11:11) How much more? More than we will ever know, more than we deserve, it is why 1 John 4:19 is truth, “We love him, because he first loved us.” The wrath of God that is approaching this planet will be proof to those that will be left behind, it will be proof to the mid and post tribulation believers, it will show those who thought that all of us are children of God that they were wrong, and it will show to us the truth that the just shall live by faith. (Romans 1:17)

Because Christ took the punishment for us, we will never suffer the wrath of God, on this planet or throughout eternity, those that will, will not only suffer it here, but throughout all eternity in the lake of fire. We have been saved by grace through faith, (Eph. 2:8) grace does not place the recipient of it in the path of the wrath of God, it saves them from it, grace bids us to enter into the ark before the rain starts, grace grabs our hands and pulls us out of the valley before the fire and brimstone begins to fall, grace will take us up in the clouds to even be with the Lord (1 Thess. 4:17) before the day of Jacob’s trouble begins.

Our heavenly Father loves us so much because of our love, trust, confidence, and faith in His Son, we will not be rescued from the great and terrible day of the Lord (Joel 2:31) because we were good, because we continuously obeyed, because our prayer life or devotion to Him was unwavering, but because of His grace, because He loves us. No act we do, no deeds or words that we express can ever be enough, even when it is the Holy Spirit working through us, to earn us the favor of the Lord, when the moment arrives for us to leave this earth, it will be because we are loved that we will be taken up to meet Him in the clouds, it will be because we are His own, because we hear only the great Shepard’s voice, it is the only voice we trust.

It is His never-ending love for us that enables us to love Him, “Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of God.” (2 Cor. 3:5) Not even to express the love that we have for Him properly. If you live a life of relative ease, or one of persecution, if you are rarely if ever sick, or if pain seems to be your constant companion, it is because He loves you.

We cannot stop the evil days ahead, nor should we desire to, but that does not mean that we should succumb to the fear of them, not if the perfect love that He has for us is realized, not if that perfect love has cast out all fear. Everything that happens to the born-again believer happens because He loves us deeply, sweetly, beyond all of our comprehension. This is how the just live by faith my friends, without the knowledge of the truth of this unending love, faith is impossible. “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” (Heb. 11:6)

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