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the libraries
Borrowed Truths

The Libraries

“Hello, how are you?” “Well, I’m pretty good today and yourself?” “Oh, can’t complain, I hear the weather might be getting ready to change a little.” I could have inserted “Did you hear about…..” fill in the blank, and you still would have heard the entirety of a person’s life in relation to nearly every conversation they have ever had, from almost the time they became self-aware to the day of their death. You could place in their health issues, world news, local gossip, just about any subject you can think of, and you will understand the words “wasted life.”

Now, what you have to determine is, is this you? Are you a born-again believer who has wasted nearly every single word that you have ever spoken, have you just looked back on your words, no matter your age or how long you’ve been saved and saw an empty book that will hold no value in the eternal?

I read quite a bit, from what I understand the average, if you please, Christian reads. Not only the Scriptures each day, but books written by men of God, for the sole purpose of glorifying the Lord, and it has made me wonder, is there a library in heaven? One would think so, with all of eternity to spend our time in, when we are not about our appointed tasks, it would be pleasurable to be able to read what these men of God have written. The selection, I would hope, would be quite extensive, yet “rare edition” does not begin to cover the phrasing of the books that would be allowed in that library.

Now, think in the terminology of an audio library, a place where we can go and listen to the words spoken by those who inhabit heaven, those who were, and are even today, our brothers and sisters in Christ. I suppose this area of the library would be massive, at least, one would hope so. No idle words here, (Matt. 12:36) only those that blessed the Lord, that lifted up the name of Jesus, that gave glory and honor to the Holy Spirit, the section on praise alone would dwarf all of the largest buildings of man put together. Now then, to the meat of the matter, as it were.

It is understandable if you had no book in the library of heaven, up until just a few short years ago, I had no real need for a pen and paper, but what of your words, will I be able to go into the audio section of that library and find something that you have said in your life that was worthy of being recorded and kept for all eternity? Here is where you get to look honestly at yourself, I can’t do that for you, we’ve never met, perhaps there are those that you have known for quite a while that could help you to recall any of the “eternal words,” or perhaps you have an excellent memory.

The point is this, you know already, don’t you, you can either say with all assurance, “Yes, my words are recorded, I have spoken words that will be recorded for all eternity, those that the Holy Spirit has placed in my heart that I have shared with others, those that lifted up Jesus Christ, and were meant only to glorify God.” Or you can start to change who you are, you can lose the embarrassment, beg for mercy and guidance, and begin to speak boldly to all who will listen. “Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” (Col. 4:6) How many of you even have any salt?

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