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The Ladder

the ladder
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The Ladder

The corporate ladder it is called, the climb to the top. An interesting statement, for I have never heard of anyone attempting to climb down that same ladder, nor I have known of any that step aside willingly so that others may pass them by. The amount of employment opportunities in and for this world are nearly endless, but the individuals who truly desire to succeed, to excel in them has always been very low, most are content, for the most part, with their meager wages, but many of these also are the ones that seem to complain the most about the gap between the rich and the poor.

It is fairly easy for most to look around and compare themselves with others, but rarely is the term “there but for the grace of God go I” heard among the rank and file today, the comparison seems to constantly be on those who have obtained greater wealth, more objects, a higher stature among men than themselves, and always in the world of man.

Covetousness has not only been one of our first primal drives, just ask Adam when you meet him, but to appease those who seemingly cannot be appeased, we have begun nearly worldwide an enabling construct, hopefully to keep the mob at bay. Those who do the most complaining seem to be those that are not willing to put forth any real effort when the ladder of worldly goods is placed before them, no matter though how much they attain, whether they decide to struggle for it or if it is handed to them by another through whatever means, they will never find satisfaction. More is rarely better.

This analogy, sadly, fits well into the lives of many Christians today, even though the ladder only has two necessary stipulations, submit yourself to the will of God and study to show yourself approved. All others are subsets in this matter, ask for wisdom, pray for peace, trust and obey, the ladder of God for the individual has but two rungs. Many though will not endeavor to take even the first step, their favorite television show is on tonight, the family matters must be attended to, the job for the wealth and things of the world requires much, there is always something seemingly more important, something besides an in depth study of the Scriptures or time in the presence of the Lord that has either a louder voice or a more immediate reward. To submit to the will of God could be dangerous, He may call me to poverty, there may be times when I have specific plans that do not include Him, and He may take me from them, to submit to the will and leading of the Lord may indeed become quite inconvenient at times. Maybe if I give Him just a little He will be satisfied, I will find favor in His eyes, if not for the actions, then for the intentions of the actions, after all, does not God look on the heart? (1 Sam. 16:7)

The least rewarded person in the kingdom of God has more, and will have it for all eternity, than the highest favored, most influential, richest man that has ever lived, and yet because we refuse to look at all of life through Spiritual eyes, we constantly miss the mark, we seek so far down that we are driven for the things of the world instead of first seeking the kingdom of God, (Matt. 6:33) while at the same time saying that it is the Lord who has blessed us with our work for the things of the world. “Remove far from me vanity and lies: give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with food convenient for me.” (Prov. 30:8)

Whether you have determined to climb that corporate ladder, are one who is content with the most menial and smallest items that the world has to offer because you will not apply yourself fully, or if you are one of the enabled, in the end, everything you have strived for you will lose, all will be left behind. (1 Tim. 6:7) In the kingdom of the Lord there are no books of human achievement, the Lord is no respecter of persons, (Romans 2:11) no matter how much they accomplished or attained. There are no books of good intentions or desired ambitions, there is the Book of Life and the books of your conscience, the book of your deeds done for Christ.

Most born-again believers will take little time to contemplate this, they remove themselves from any thoughts of their day of accounting, for they fear it, and well they should, for the servant who refused to serve well, who shied away from the two-rung ladder for the entirety of their life will find no reward or treasure waiting for them in heaven. Laziness in the things of God is not befitting of any who call Him Lord.

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