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The “Good” Christian

I have tried to reach them, and for the most part, I have failed. That is the life of a person who serves Christ, he spends little time concerned with himself, he is saved by the grace of God, he will occasionally fall into the trap of sin, he repents and gets back to the work that has been placed before him, to reach the lost, to encourage the brethren, to glorify God in every area that he can.

Just the opposite of what many, if not most who call themselves Christians today believe and follow, their life, their walk with Christ, how they are supposed to act, behave, and think. They are, in the kindest words possible that I can think of selfish, self-centered Christians, concerned with only themselves. “For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.” (John 12:43)

This life is intended by the Lord to be difficult, to be painful, to be filled with frustration, and only occasionally interrupted by moments of exaltation, we are to be Christlike, that means we are to be acquainted with grief and sorrow. (Isaiah 53:3) How can the peacemakers fulfill their obligations unless they go to where no peace is, how can we thirst and hunger for righteousness unless we are in the battle against unrighteousness, how can we be profitable servants unless we willingly go and serve.

The “dreams and visions” folk never end, in fact they are growing at a fantastic pace, false prophets are on nearly every corner, nearly every heart has become cold, and in the churches that are open between locked door sessions, the call is to be a better person, not a follower of Christ. Many are being taught how never to offend, instead of how to reprove and correct in love, far too many are being told to “Just invite them to church,” instead of being discipled on the ways to attempt to preach the Gospels boldly with firm conviction, prayers are offered for the sick, along with the name of a “good doctor,” instead of helping them to seek the will of the Lord in the time of their trials and tribulations.

They seek for Christ in themselves instead of going into all the world (Mark 16:15) and preaching redemption and the resurrection to all they meet, it is the age of the church of self, pretending to be profitable by entering into the building with the cross on it once a week, it is the church of being right with God, but never seeking out those who are still lost, and informing them that they are not right with Him, that they are living in their sins, and if they die in their sins, they will be eternally damned.

What possible good is all that sitting in the church doing if you are not going outside of those church doors and sharing the message with the lost. There is an entire planet full of people out there, lost in their sins. There are religious organizations, cults, that are leading hundreds upon hundreds of millions of people to the same place that the lost are heading, and far too many who call themselves Christians are doing nothing about it, they are too concerned with their own personal “walk” with Christ, and I use that term very loosely. They do not want to use the words of Scripture, for they might offend, they are men pleasers (Gal. 1:10) concerned with how they will be viewed if they bring up His name, there is no confidence in their walk, they are afraid.

The person that does not speak of Christ to other people is not a Christian, pure and simple.

It does not matter how “saved” you feel, it does not matter if you go to church every day, witnessing to an individual, another fellow human being does not mean that you have to attend a seminary school, it does not mean that you have taken on the mantle of teacher, (James 3:1) it means you love the Lord Jesus and you want to share the love He has for all with others. If they hear and repent, wonderful, if they do not, go to the next one, there is no difficulty in finding the lost, but there is great difficulty in finding those today that will do that.

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