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The Deceiver

the deceiver
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The Deceiver

Do you recall the account in 1 Kings 19:12 where God was not in the earthquake or the whirlwind, but in the still small voice. God cannot lie, He cannot, by His own design do anything against His nature, He tempts no man, (James 1:13) neither does He force virtue upon them, He has given every person the ability to decide for themselves the course of their lives. He did the same for the angels He created, free will, the ability to choose to serve or not, but since the Lord God is Almighty, since He is Sovereign, He has the right to place upon those who will not serve Him certain consequences for their actions, ending with the lake of fire for all who decide upon a self-serving life.

Our adversary, once called Lucifer, now known as Satan, was the first to test the Lord in this area, and as believers we know his end, and so does he. He was a liar from the beginning, (John 8:44) he desires the things of men above the things of God, (Matt. 16:23) and he is a deceiver. Starting at the garden of Eden until this day, his actions have never changed, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, (1 John 2:16) these are not his catch-words, they are the way of existence for him. Again, it is not in my normal routine, if you will, to concern myself with the immediate occurrences in the sphere of man, it is the eternal and the walk of the born-again believer that I have been led to follow, the path of obedience, gratitude and love, but what I am called to write, that I write. This virus that seems to be concerning so many, the wearing of face coverings, the economic crash and complete shift of the world domination that seems to be so prevalent, these are all exactly the same thing that was spoken in the garden to our first parents, they are nothing more than a diversion. It makes little sense that thousands of years would pass by and then our adversary would all of a sudden change his tactics.

No my friends, all of these and more that seem to be consuming the worlds attention and nearly all in it are only diversions. Satan does not care one bit about any person on this planet, if all but two die, he would not change his ways, deceive, misdirect, divert. He is watching one thing and one thing only, what the Lord God Almighty is doing at this present time. He does not know the hour or the day of our departure, only God does, (Matt. 24:36) but he is more adept at seeing the signs, if you please, then we could ever imagine. He is working diligently, he is waiting, waiting for us and the Holy Spirit of God to depart from this planet, to begin the marriage feast of the church and the Lamb. He does not care one wit about a virus, a vaccine, the threat of nuclear war, these mean absolutely nothing to him, if it serves his purpose, all the better, his intention, if you will, is to divert our attention from Christ, from the truth.

Of course he is using every possible advantage that he can, for decades he has been leading the church into the apostacy, informing them that their only true concern is to be upon themselves and their assured position in the eyes of Christ, diverting them from their appointed task of reaching the lost. He long ago got the rest of the world to either believe he does not exist or at best was just a Halloween prank. No, what he is doing is watching and working, working against all that is Christ’s, watching the events of the throne of heaven to see when it is time to make his move. He has not only the ability to function perfectly well in the material, but is just as well versed in the spiritual, perhaps even more so, for that is where he is from. The diversion is not so much to keep the believers eyes off Christ, that has mostly been accomplished, the diversion now is to keep all eyes off of what God is doing on the planet and in the heavens, the warning signs that the Almighty has always used to warn the children of men to repent of their evil ways.

The ark of Noah was His example for that day, (1 Peter 3:20) we are able to be that example today. We must not be deceived, we must see all that is happening in the world for what it is, a lying deceit, a diversion, items placed in front of us to attempt to hide from the children of the Most High His signs of warning. Satan has enlisted many world leaders, many prominent and powerful people, the media for the most part, now belongs to Satan. He is not concerned with the lost, they hold the majority, they are not his, for he will be in the same place as them soon enough, there are no rulers or kings in the lake of fire, nor is he concerned with the children of the Lamb, they will be gone soon enough. (1 Thess. 4:16) He is concerned only with what the Almighty is doing in this hour. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2 Tim. 1:7) “In your patience possess ye your souls.” (Luke 21:19)

Be mindful, be gentle as doves but wise as serpents, (Matt. 10:16) remember, “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matt. 24:24) Pray continually that our Lord will bless you with a heart that can discern between good and evil, (1 Kings 3:9) for the days are evil indeed. Question and do as much research as is possible on everything that comes your way, our adversary’s deceits will become more and more subtle as the day approaches. Pray continuously for our Lord to be merciful to His children, that we will clearly see the lies, proclaim boldly the warnings and the grace that is available to all.

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