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The Deceived

the deceived
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The Deceived

Human beings are quite easily deceived, so for our adversary to tempt us, well, it just isn’t that difficult. Not in everything of course, but for the most part we will believe most anything if it is repeated enough.

Case in point is the news medias around the planet, one story will be completely believable while the next seems barely plausible, and yet all, or most are paid attention to. As is always the case, the worst possible scenario is always given the most attention, this ensures viewer attention for as long as possible, even after the truth of the matter is known. The squeaky wheel is the one that always gets the most attention, and the louder it squeaks, well, you get the point.

The deception that is being played out at this time was at first predicted, of course by “sources” to be equal to the black death, millions would die, and so the same people that were calling all these news outlets just a few weeks before fake news, were now listening intently, and most with great horror. Why? Because we are easily deceived, easily led around, it takes very little to learn to hear the squeaky wheel.

All is exaggerated as much as possible; truth is not necessary; perception of the truth is. “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” (Matt. 24:24) This is only going to get worse, not necessarily the situations that will continue to reveal themselves, but the presumed perceptions that will be inflicted upon us, and the given expectations that we will be asked to believe.

The anti-christ, approximately half-way thru the tribulation period is, seemingly, going to suffer a mortal wound, and then come back to life. (Rev. 13:3) Deception, for only God can create life. These days are now, and have been for quite some time the beginnings of sorrows, (Matt. 24:8) and the greatest sorrow in them is how easily so many are being deceived. Again, as it most generally occurs, the air waves are resounding with the cries of “He is returning soon.” Why? Because of floods, fires, famine, and earthquakes, but one of the greatest signs that so many seem to miss, and in truth are remiss to even speak about, is the great falling away that is occurring. Because of believers not believing, of being so easily deceived, of not being able to see this most prolific sign, deception not only of the individual, but of the church as a whole in certain areas is now rampant.

We have left our first love.

Solomon prayed for a heart that could discern between good and evil, we must do the same, every news cast, every portent of doom, every rain drop or shake of the earth does not mean that Christ is going to return that afternoon, but the signs of the apostacy is a sure sign, and for those willing to look, it is the most easily seen. We must be earnest in our approach to these final days, we must enter them with our eyes and ears open, we cannot allow the blind to lead us. Pray fervently, seek the face of the Lord, test the spirits, do not be deceived any further. The deceptions will become fiercer and more intent, your prayers and faith in Christ as Lord must be greater than their ability to deceive.

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