Borrowed Truths

The Day We Stopped

the day we stopped
Borrowed Truths

The Day We Stopped

I wonder if any of you that read these letters have given any serious thought as to why we are today in the age of the apostacy, the great falling away, (2 Thess. 2:3) what has caused the determination of many believers to wane, what has caused their hearts to grow cold. Why have so many congregations sought after pastors and preachers who will only tickle their ears, (2 Tim. 4:3) who will not, by their own choosing, teach the precepts of Almighty God as truth, using the Word to convict those in attendance to action.

Why are the heathen allowed unfettered admittance into halls where once only the righteous were called to worship, why are the assemblies now more concerned with the things of the world instead of the things of God. When did self-interest and self-preservation begin to be more sought after than dying to self, the praise of men instead of the things of God. Is there a certain specific date in our past that we can point to and say, “Here is the day we began to stop trusting God, here is the moment we decided to go our own way.”

When was the moment that the God-fearing, Christ-centered, Bible-believing evangelical churches decided to become unequally yoked in the local interfaith organizations with the teachers of false doctrines, with those who profess boldly that what Christ did on the cross was not enough, that works of our own design must be added to that bloodshed moment, that prayers are to be offered to others besides the Lord God through Jesus Christ by the power and mercy of the Holy Spirit. When did the evangelical community begin to believe there was no sin in being associated with unbelievers on a regular basis, that avowed homosexuals would also enter the kingdom, that all are on the path to glory, they are just taking a different route.

When did they begin to believe that this world was so important, that the pursuit of pleasure and happiness was not only the way to God, but showed that His favor was upon them. When was it decided that the downtrodden and cast out were to be regulated to the governments for their assistance, that enabling others no matter the life they have chosen, was the Christian thing to do. At what point in our past can one point to and say, “Here is where we stopped reproving, here is where we stopped correcting, here is where righteous judgment began to be seen as judgmental.”

When was the decision made that Jesus is nothing but love, that all will be accepted, that none will be turned away. When did evil begin to be called good and good evil, at what point were the wicked counted as not worthy to be called wicked, that the wrath of God does not abide upon them, that they are just misguided, misunderstood souls who only need to be shown love and compassion. On what day did the fear of the Lord die.

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