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Please be aware before giving any serious thought to applying to this company that there are certain standards that cannot be compromised, and that these standards must be adhered to at all times, there are no exceptions. You must also be aware that once your employment period begins, you will not be able to leave the company for any reason, ever.

The owner of the company expects total dedication and a one-hundred percent commitment level from all employees, again no exceptions. You will receive no days off, no sick or vacation days, you will be allowed to sleep, but only, and if only all of the requirements of that day that the owner has seen fit to place upon you have been accomplished. It is of course recognized that some sleep is required for you to function at the high level that will be demanded of you, but do not expect if you seek to be employed here the amount of rest time that you have been accustomed to before accepting the position.

Bathroom breaks are of course allowed, but you will be highly encouraged to continued in the work assigned to you while performing these necessary functions of the body. Please be aware also that absolutely no outside employment of any kind is permitted if you accept employment here, this rule is strictly enforced. The owner of this company will regard any internal storage of information that does not come directly from Him as an extreme violation of policy, His word must be final with no questions asked. You may of course continue to speak to anyone that you desire to, but all conversations, as much as possible, must revolve around your employer, idle conversation and chit-chat are not allowed on a continuous level, and are frowned on vehemently.

At times you may be required to go on occasional excursions for your employer far from your place of residence, these are mandatory when asked of you. When these business trips are required, you may or may not be allowed to take your immediate family members with you, this of course is at the discretion of your employer, any and all request for a deviation from this must be made through the appropriate channels of communication. There is a strong possibility that you will be transferred from your current place of residence, perhaps more than once, again, this policy is strictly enforced and must be obeyed without question. You must also be made aware that many of these places, if not all, must be considered “enemy” territory, our company is no longer received well by others, and dangers in the form of verbal and physical abuse, tortures, imprisonment and even death are likely, and in fact should be expected. Fear of these possible reprisals from the general populace, specifically from those who at this time are not associated with The Company, as stated, is not a viable opportunity for you to request a different location, you will be placed where your employer see fit. Rationalizations and excuses for not adhering to this policy will not be accepted in any form.

By accepting employment with The Company, you will be expected in essence to forget your past. Whatever achievements and attributes that you have accumulated up to the point of your employment with The Company will of course be taken into consideration, but it will be at the complete and total discretion of your employer as to which of these, if any, will be useful to His program, all others no matter the time involved to achieve them or your personal emotional attachment to them must be counted as a complete waste of time and considered henceforth as trash, unacceptable in any form to The Company.

You must also fully understand that your future will be completely determined by your employer, all desires for personal achievement solely for the purpose of personal gain will be strictly forbidden. The main purpose of your employment with The Company is to fulfill all the requirements set before you by your employer, you must fully comprehend before accepting employment with The Company that all further ambitions, desired goals, personal, and self-oriented objectives that do not serve a purpose within The Company or that do not further the work that your employer has set forth for The Company to achieve will be strictly prohibited.

As to the matter of your family, friends, relatives and other associations that you may have before your acceptance of employment, you must understand that not all of them will be allowed to continue as they are at the present time, although this area is also at the discretion of your employer. You will be allowed, in fact encouraged, to inform them of your new employer, and invite them also to join The Company, but you must understand that you will not be allowed to continue in any relationship, save for extreme circumstances, with those who are found to be detrimental to your continued growth within The Company, no matter your previous emotional attachments with these individuals.

This would be a convenient time to inform you that one of your main roles within The Company, as it is with all of its employees, is to be continuously recruiting for The Company, again, there are no exceptions to this rule, compliance is mandatory. Adherence to this strict policy is of the greatest concern to your employer and is essential to the continued growth of The Company. These policy standards are to be complied with on the first day of your employment, and though you will be new to the proper procedures within them, you will be required to give as much as you have been given. Further training in this area, as well as all others, as your employment time increases will be understood by daily, diligent study of The Company instruction manual, which we will discuss shortly.

In the location that your employer will choose for you to reside in, you will be directed to a meeting place where others of The Company will also be in attendance. Many will be as yourself, new employees of The Company, others will have been in service to our employer for many years. You must be aware though that not all that will be at these meetings will be employees of The Company, in fact, some will have been placed there by those in opposition to the goals of your employer. These must be removed from the meeting place if they are not willing to join The Company. All effort must be given to them to accept employment, but if after a period of time, again determined by your employer, they refuse the employment opportunity offered to them, they must be expelled from the place of meeting, no exceptions are permitted.

You must also be made aware that there are certain individuals that have accepted employment within The Company that have not performed to the high standards expected of them by their employer. These can and should be encouraged by you when you come into contact with them, but please always remember that it is your efforts in this area that your employer will notice, not whether or not these employees recognize and modify their standards because of your conversations with them. Adherence to the instruction manual is paramount, but each individual will be held accountable for their own actions. 

This work may have been accomplished before your arrival at the destination chosen by your employer by those that have been in The Companies employment for an extended period of time, but it has not always been found to be the case. You will of course be given ample time to study the instruction manual before being required to complete this task, if necessary, adherence to this policy must be strictly enforced, your employer is quite firm in His resolve to keep His company meetings as stain free as possible.

All items that you possess will become the property of your employer upon your entrance into The Company. Their uses will be at His sole discretion, any items that are considered currently, or in the future to be a detriment to your continued growth within The Company will be removed by your employer, no permission on your part will be necessary, those items that are deemed harmful to the image of The Company or of no use to it, will be removed.

You will be required to wear specific attire from day one of your employment, it is never to be take off for any reason. The sole purpose of the attire, save for one item, is to protect you, for your enemies, if you accept employment, will be many and varied. Although this attire will not protect you completely in every event, they are sufficient to the tasks that you will be placed upon you. You will be given one weapon for combat and within the pages of the instruction manual you will be taught the correct usage of this weapon.

Please be aware that there are others working for The Company, that unless you meet them unawares, you will not see. Rest assured though that they are quite proficient at the tasks that they have been given, and your best interest, and the interest of your employer, are always at the forefront of their efforts.

One last point here must be given before we move onto the subject of the instruction manual. You will be imbued by a helper from the very moment that you accept employment with The Company. This is impossible for you to understand at this moment, just know that He will have your best interest in mind at all times, that he will be your guide, and will be your instructor in the proper usage of the instruction manual, the final matter we will now discuss.

The instruction manual is not a suggestion book for proper performance within The Company, all rules and regulations are to be followed implicitly, non-compliance is strictly prohibited and greatly frowned upon. The manual is divided into separate sections, and though each section stands alone on its own merits, the entire manual when combined together forms a cohesive, comprehensive structure. You will find within it everything that you will need to serve your employer efficiently and in a proper manner that is in accordance with The Companies goals. There are no addendums, though many that profess to be in good standing with The Company, yet are not, will try to tell you so. The manual was written by our employer and can be trusted in its entirety without question.

Be aware that there are transcripts that abound outside of the manual that will be useful to you, but they must never be used in their totality above or in place of the instruction manual. Again, all that you will need to accomplish the tasks that will be set before you can be found in the manual, but it is imperative that you understand this, it is a matter of the utmost importance. You will be required to study the instruction manual. If you simply decide to skim through it or only glance at it occasionally, only the most limited tasks will be entrusted to you during your employment time with The Company. It is our employers desire that all His employees become extremely proficient interpreters and appliers of the instruction manual, yet He has deemed it best for The Company that none be forced to study the words written within it. This will be completely left to your discretion, but you must be made aware that when your continued employment is no longer required at the location that you have been assigned to, you will be called to report to the main office.

At this time, you will be required to give an account of either how you fulfilled or did not fulfill the duties that were set before you during your time of employment. Your final payment will be based accordingly, not only on your endeavors for The Company, the tasks that were set before you, but the intent and enthusiasm with which you accomplished them for your employer. If you desire rich rewards when you arrive to the home office where, I must inform you, that you will finally meet your employer face to face, you must study the instruction manual daily, as recommended in it, and apply those things within its pages. There are many examples of previous employees in it and these, along with strict adherence to the rules and regulations contained within it, will virtually guarantee you riches beyond your comprehension, both now and when you reach the home office, of which the greatest reward will be to meet the author of the instruction manual Himself.

In closing, all contracts with The Company are binding and irrevocable, your contract can never be terminated for any reason, once signed and all the tasks that have been assigned to you have been completed, you are guaranteed entrance into the home office and all the pleasures and joys that the employer has to offer. There are no exceptions to this, not even your own desire to void the contract will be accepted.

The Company understands the full nature of this contract, that it requires much sacrifice and total obedience to the employer but believes that you will see that the rewards for your efforts will be well compensated, and completely worth a life of servitude to the Employer.

We hope to welcome you to the company in the very near future, and very much look forward to hearing from you.  

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