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The Cloak of Grey Hair

the cloak of gray hair
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The Cloak of Grey Hair

Have you ever noticed how some individuals who have attained a certain age when speaking to others that are relative in age to themselves will flaunt the fact that they are older than the ones they are speaking with, that by reason of their age they believe themselves to have attained a higher level of wisdom and understanding. “The hoary head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness.” (Prov. 16:31)

Not many of these individuals I have met since becoming a man of that age seem to have much wisdom, they may have more experience in a particular area, more knowledge about certain aspects of life, but rarely do I find wisdom in them. Most tend to flaunt their age as if they had something to do with it, as if they were the one to choose the age they have attained to, but at the same time when one appears in their presence who is older than them, they acquiesce to this individual in many areas simply because of the extended time they have been on this planet.

I recall an account of an extremely elderly lady, a term I do not use lightly, who when asked by the reporter interviewing her of what she accredited her great age too, received an answer of “God.” The reporter, set back for a moment by her response, wanted to know if perhaps she had not smoked cigarettes, drank a cup of hot tea each day, or perhaps exercised regularly, her answer was simple, “No, young lady, God has kept me here for all these years to serve Him.” The television station cut immediately to a commercial.

There are strong, faithful, devoted men and women of God on this planet who have yet to attain to the age of thirty, and there are gray haired older men serving as elders in churchs who have no right to be in that position, they are placed there by individuals who only look with their eyes, but cannot see beyond the truth of who some of these so-called leaders are. Wisdom and spiritual discernment is far from these gray-headed persons in positions of authority within some churches, time served does not always infer spiritual knowledge and wisdom, many have seen within them what is truly not there simply for the fact of their reaching a particular age group. And so, as the older men do when they congregate together, questions and decisions are laid at the feet of the oldest member, for the belief that age has brought with it great experience and discernment of truth.

Woe to the young man of God filled with the Holy Spirit who enters the domain of one of these types of churches, he will not be seen for who he is, but as a young man only, with many years ahead of him before he can attain to the wisdom of the great sages. Timothy was used as a great example of this man for us, (1 Tim. 4:12) derided for being one so young claiming to have the knowledge of God, but it was our Lord Jesus Christ who astounded all in this area. Twelve years old and speaking with wisdom far above all in the temple, (Luke 2:42-49) meeting others in His ministry and speaking with authority (Matt. 7:29) even His disciples were to hear “that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13)

Age has very little to do with Christlike attributes, with the ability to speak the Word of God boldly and with confidence. Our Lord does not look on the age of a man, He is no respecter of persons, gray hairs mean little to the eternal One, He who abides forever, but apparently they do to a lot of people, for we tend to see them as wiser than they truly are many times. Every elder, deacon, or whatever name has been given to them in every church that claims to serve Christ should be questioned on a regular basis about the sincerity of their faith, whether they are thirty or seventy years of age, no exceptions. The man of God who has been placed in a position of authority over the flock of God must be prepared at all times to give an account of his leadership, for they are held in a higher position of accountability by the Lord. (James 3:1)

This should be expected by not only that man, but also by the congregation itself, for none should follow any who is not following Christ. But I am sorry to say that this is rare indeed, once appointed, these positions are usually seen as lifelong positions, one that cannot be removed unless the circumstances are dire indeed, and so many follow blindly, an easy task when those who sit in the pews have little knowledge themselves of the truths in this area contained in the Scriptures. Age has very little to do with the gifts that the Lord God decides to imbue a man with, but in many cases they are a great way to deceive those who do not know this truth, for many will listen to one who has gray hair upon his head.

Perhaps I should purchase a hair coloring product.

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