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The Better Christian

the better christian
Borrowed Truths

The Better Christian

I believe that most people who are saved either spend most of their time trying to be “better Christians,” or sit around and wait for the leading of the Holy Spirit and thereby do absolutely nothing or very little that is profitable for the kingdom of God. Their works are either done without any prayerful consideration, or they pray but do not act upon the answers to those prayers.

Those who spend their time attempting to better themselves are in a sense wasting their time if it is not done for the glory of God, God doesn’t need better Christians, He desires obedient servants, those who are willing to forgo their own desires, who do not care one bit about this world or anything in it save for the souls of men.

There is a game that has been played over the last few decades, it is the game of church, the standardized version of it at least. They go and sit in the pews, week after week, year after year, they listen to the sermon, and then they go back to trying to make themselves better Christians. In all reality, the world is still their master, the cares of the day that they are not to give a second thought to (Matt. 6:34) consume them, their employment position, the latest news, and instead of attempting to become Christlike, instead of striving to be Holy through much prayer and supplication, (Phil 4:6) they attempt to divert their attention away from that which they consider unrighteous, not for the sake of Christ, but for their own self-image.

They try to be what they think they are supposed to be by their own strength, and not in submission to the Holy Spirit, not in submission to the will and Word of God. This person may not even attend a church, but they have a set time to study the Scriptures, and if something of the world diverts their attention during that time, then, well, there’s always tomorrow.

This subject in part was brought up after my lovely wife and I’s devotional this evening. There was a long running gameshow on American television years ago, which may still be on, I do not know, called “The Price is Right.” Contestants would be chosen at random, supposedly, from the audience, and then when their name was called most would run screaming and in great excitement towards their assigned spot because they now had an opportunity to win some great prize. I ask you, would this action be befitting of one who says they have been born-again, one who claims to have left the world, who has died to self, and now serves in loving obedience to the Lord?

There is a strong possibility that many of you reading this today are deep in debt, that you are slaves, (Prov. 22:7) house, vehicle, credit cards, and perhaps even more. In each of these items you would not wait, you were too excited to wait on the Lord, and you were so sure that if you worked diligently, you could be debt free someday. The Lord calls, but we hear the world, Jesus beckons us to follow Him, but He is not heading in the direction that we want to go, the Holy Spirit prompts us, but we shrug Him off, we don’t need to be that Holy.

I am personally having a lot of difficulty deciding whether or not there is such a thing as a “carnal Christian,” but I am meeting a lot of people who seem to fit that title. “And whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after me, cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:27) My friends, that cross is not the world, it is the lite yoke of Christ. (Matt. 11:30) Do not add self-righteous works to it, stop trying to be a “better Christian,” start listening, and obeying in faith, to that still small voice.

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