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The Battle

the battle
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The Battle

We are at war, in a battle, and many Christians do not seem to realize it. They will not contend that we are in this battle against spiritual darkness, against spiritual wickedness in high places, (Eph. 6:12) but they stop short of naming these entities, they are as a rumor or a mist to them. Many understand that yes, these are the forces of darkness, the enemies of the light of Christ, but again, they can place no name upon them. Perhaps a few will go as far as to state the names of Moloch, Dagon, even Satan himself, yet they still see them as “unseen forces,” as invisible entities that persuade and influence men, hoping to attain that which they desire, the defamation of the name of the Almighty.

Satan worship is nothing more than human beings seeking to be led by the adversary, and yet many, I would dare to say most, look upon these actions as frivolous at best, and at the least a complete and total waste of time, they will admit to the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives, but not to the spirit of evil that resides on this planet. Those who will open their eyes to these truths will know for a fact that demons have and continue to inhabit the bodies of men, this my friends did not end when the Lord went back to heaven. But cast from your thoughts that all accounts of these incidences are meant only to inflict harm upon the individual that they enter into, there is no profit, or very little, in that in the war they are in, the sole purpose is to bring Satan to the point of the place of worship on this planet, all else is nothing more than a fanciful use of time.

Treating mankind with any form of respect is well beyond them, we are created in the image of God, (Gen. 1:27) and anything in His image is an offense to them, who they cannot destroy, they will attempt to cripple, all whom the Lord lifts up, they will attempt to cast down. The only offensive weapons we have against the rulers of the darkness of this world are prayer and the Word of God, and that is all we need, but just how are you using these tools, against whom are you in a battle against?

Most will say “Satan, of course,” well and good, but in what way, is he simply your “go-to-adversary,” “the invisible force” you envision when you ask the Lord to keep him in his place, as it were. What of the millions, if not more, demons who accompany him, who are spread throughout this entire planet, just exactly who do you believe yourself to be in a battle with. This definitive subject is the reason that for the last few decades churches have been teaching their congregations that the enemy is ourselves, the old man within us, (Romans 6:6) “tend to the log in your own eye first” is the mantra repeated, “But be aware that log will never go away.” Instead of joining in the battle against spiritual darkness, they have told them to fight their old, own nature constantly, not knowing that “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1) Not understanding that “the kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21)

Any diversion at every possible opportunity, that has always been part of the war plan of Satan, he knows full well the power of prayer, he knows well that “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” (James 5:16) But not only is he winning the battle of making people believe that he does not exist in the first place, he is winning in making the Christians look only to themselves, only at the inner man that they try so hard through works to be pleasing to God. To put it bluntly my friends, stop being overly concerned with yourself and get into the battle, die to self, let Christ live in and through you, begin to stand against evil.

But where, you will say, this spiritual darkness, those men that are not just influenced by demonic forces, but controlled by them, where are they, how am I to know who to fight against. That is the question, isn’t it, who is doing the will of Satan willingly; who is actually a demon; and who are they in whom the god of this world has blinded their minds.

The first thing you must look at is are they rulers, more than likely the couple that live down the street from you are not included in the first two groups, they may cuss and swear, drink and carouse, use the name of Christ as a curse word on a regular basis, but they hold no ruling authority, they lead no one, not even themselves, the devil is their father. A ruler is someone in authority that generally has the laws set in place by man as their main weapon, they have the ability to enforce rules and regulations, most generally at their discretion, and their rules can be modified without much questioning by their subordinates. They have along with the power the ability to enforce these rules and regulations, usually some form of armed personnel at their disposal. This power is of course abused at every opportunity, it is what they have been commanded to do. By whom? By those who are wicked in high places.

These are not those who enforce these laws, they are not even those that make the rules that men will envision next. Think in terms of hierarchy here, as men are set above other men, in the spiritual realm this also is the way, and power is granted unto them accordingly. All demons are under the direction of Satan, as much as we know, Michael has more authority in the spiritual realm than the angel that was sent to answer Daniel’s prayer and the prince of Persia. It is Almighty God alone who holds all power, all serve His will, and no matter which part of the battle He has set you in, it is only by His power that you will succeed.

Satan has not blinded the mind of every single person who does not serve Christ as Lord, some serve him willingly with full knowledge of who they call master. I will not say that we should go out and seek for these individuals, but I do say that if they are placed in your path you are commanded to stand. The only place that I am aware of in all the Scriptures where the children of God are told to flee is in the matter of sexual enticement, in all other places we are commanded to not fear, to be of good courage, to quit you like men.

Satan is real, all of the fallen angels, every demon is real, they are both persuading and inhabiting men, rulers and those who are in high places, we are in a battle against them, it is our duty. This nonsense of continuously only looking inside of ourselves must come to an end, we have been crucified with Christ, (Gal. 2:20) we are to be dying to self, (Phil. 1:21) we are to be available at any and every time we are called by our Commander for service, no matter the circumstances, no matter the consequences to ourselves. We were bought with a price that can do no less.

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