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Storms of Sunshine

stroms of sunshine
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Storms of Sunshine

On a calm, clear, sunny day, many who call Christ Lord do not give Him a second thought, the day is fair and bright, there is much to do, much to be enjoyed, life is worth living today. On these days, these rare, perfect temperature days of sunshine, the cares of life seem small, and sadly, in their mind’s God is not needed.

Many who call Him Lord do not serve Him as such on these days, He is far from their thoughts, but when the storm clouds approach, when the fires are drawing nearer to their house, when the river is rising and it looks as if the dam might burst, then they run to Him, and the sad part is they expect an answer. But not just an answer, they want things fixed, they want everything to return to normal, they want to die in their sleep, no pain, no suffering, not even a minor inconvenience, they want to live their life and not the one that the Lord is offering them.

You have met these people, they come to your church, they usually complain, a lot, because of course not everything in their life is going as it should be going, the sun isn’t shining, it’s too cold, too hot, they are not feeling well, it can be a trial just to say good morning to them. I have mentioned this in previous letters to you, and it is worth bringing to your attention here again, at an evening Bible study I once attended for a short time, I mentioned when the subject of church and individual growth was brought up, that the best thing to do was pray for the Lord to bring trials and tribulations upon not only each of us individually, but upon the entire congregation as a whole. The subject was immediately laughed at, and I was scorned, if you will, for even mentioning it. Needless to say, that church is still dead, Christ perhaps is still standing outside of it knocking, (Rev. 3:20) but I do not think so.

Many who call Him Lord seek to remain on this path, the path of smoothness, no rocks or rough edges, the path that they think leads to the kingdom, but actually leads away from it. There is an enormous difference between seeking tribulations and accepting them, self-inflicted pain is not the path to Christ, walking through the valley of the shadow of death with Him by your side is.

Self-denial, when done to either impress others or to seemingly make ourselves more acceptable to the Lord is called vainglory, when done so to honor the Lord, it is called righteousness.

How many Christians do you know that are prepared to meet the Lord on that sunny day, how many are anxious to greet Him willingly the day before their marriage, the moment that they have received a large inheritance, and how many want to meet Him when the diagnosis is terminal. The circumstances that surround us, no matter what they are, should have absolutely no bearing on our desire to be with Christ, whether the sun is shining, or a violent storm is approaching. Praise to the Lord is to be offered no matter the conditions of the moment. How many love to read, “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him,” (Job 13:15) and how few are willing to live these words, how many believe that on the other side of the tribulation there will be seven times more waiting for them, and how few desire only Christ to be at the end of that road.

These “part-time” Christians bring dishonor to the name of Christ. Those who have determined that He should provide for them as they see fit, those who think that the sun should shine every day, that trials, tribulations, and suffering are to be avoided at all cost, and the best way to handle them when they arrive is to complain should be ashamed to bear the name Christian. Lay down and just accept it? Of course not. Complain to God, question Him? Go right ahead, there is nothing that you can say to Him that He has not heard before, but always remember this, “Thy will be done” is the only correct way to end that conversation with the Almighty. With those you meet when He is allowing these times to enter into your life? “His will is being done in my life, and I give Him the glory for seeing me as worthy to bear this burden.” The just, my friends, shall live by faith.

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