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Still Sure?

So, you want to be like Christ, you want to emulate the Son of the Most High, that is good, it is the highest calling that a man can have. The Scriptures say that we are being made into the image of Christ, (Rom. 8:29) that we will be like Jesus, and so it is only proper that we would begin to study to become what we shall one day be, in a sense, no one should attempt to take a test that they have not prepared for, and you should have been studying from the very moment of your salvation for this.

Love and compassion, a heart that is bent towards the weak, the downtrodden, the cast out, these are part of the requirements, these are at the top of the list, if you will, for if we have not love (charity) we have nothing. In this age few Christians will not go even that far though, love requires action, and action requires some form of work, and as so-called busy as we all are, that would pose an inconvenient moment, and if there is one thing that most people do not like, saved or lost, it is to be inconvenienced from what they have planned for that day, or from the intended goal of their lives, if you like. But this “Jesus is only love” mess has gone way too far, it has caused the majority of the body of Christ to forget all that Christ is, all that Almighty God is.

We refuse to take the rest of the steps, we will not reprove, we will not correct, and so by our own initiative we have decided to emulate only those parts that make us feel better. Many walk past sin as if it is not there, many have become like the priest and Levite, and now walk past the beaten and bruised man in the street, (Luke 10:31-32) they will show love only when it costs them nothing, yet they want to be Christlike, they have forgotten that He gave all, all the time, inconvenience was the path of the life of our Savior, everybody wanted something from Him, only twelve sat with Him, generally asking for nothing but to be in His presence, save for the betrayer. These individuals, these who have brought upon us, myself included, this day of the great falling away, have not stood when they were supposed to in the presence of evil, they have fled to the supposed security of the illusion of the known. So, you want to be like Christ.

Are you telling those who are leading souls to hell in your community through the lies and false teachings of their organized religious systems (Matt. 15:9) that the path they are on is the path to hell, are you reproving and correcting your brother or sister who is in a blatant sin against the Lord at this time in their lives, are you warning the rich man, (Mark 12:34) are you casting out those in your church who should not be there, treating them like gentiles, (Matt. 18:17) are you hating evil and actually doing something about it, (Romans 12:9) or do you believe you should just love everybody and let them go about their business, after all, that’s between them and God. No, most Christians do not want to be like Christ, they just say they do.

Their emotions are what controls them, the loss of security, of the known and expected, the possible inconveniences, the loss of position or stature in the eyes of others, it requires far too much to be like Christ, best just to pick out a few of those parts they like about Him, express and emulate them occasionally, and then get on with the business of life. Who we think we are is rarely who we truly are.

When our Lord returns He is going to kill hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people, He is going to set up a dictatorship, one God, one authority, all will do as they are commanded or there will be serious repercussions. A rod of righteousness. Just how are you going to react then if all you thought you were supposed to do was just love everyone, to only show compassion with never an action of reproof, when He shows no compassion for the sinner who would not repent. Still sure you want to be like Christ.

“And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.” (Rev. 22:12)

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