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Staying Lost

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Staying Lost

This is how the lost think, the ones that will die in their sins. They make their own path, at least in the estimation of their minds, if it is at all possible, they will obtain all that their hearts desire. They do not see employment for monetary gain as a burden, the more adept they become at a task, the more pride enters into their heart, they seek to rule, but will be servants to those above them, until they themselves assume a position of authority. These have set a plan for their lives, and all presume it to be long and fruitful, no amount of persuasion can stay them from this path, unless it is seen as profitable to themselves.

Death is the enemy, a constant enemy that is to be avoided at all costs, they see no advantage to the thoughts of anything after this life, but when these thoughts do arrive, they see themselves as “good enough,” the god that they have envisioned will welcome them, in fact celebrate their arrival. Lust is the driving force of their lives, though they would not use that terminology, self is the dominant character, though they will claim to love others. The “golden rule,” as they will call it, (Matt. 7:12) is voiced to others, but in reality is only applicable when it benefits themselves, profit comes in many forms to these, but the highest is the accolades of others, pride is the motivating factor. They will regularly compare themselves only to those whom they see as “less than” themselves, and most generally will find some form of fault in those who are in positions of authority over them, though they would never say these things outside of the company of those they trust.

Smiles and kind words will be used when they meet you, scorning and mockery will come from their lips when you are no longer in their presence, many words from these are spoken in secret which will one day be shouted from the rooftops. (Luke 12:3) These do not need you, but they will use you to their advantage, disposing of you when the task is accomplished, or when your abilities begin to be noticed by those they want only to notice them. These that will die in their sins cover themselves in lies continuously, and as time goes on, these lies become truth to them, further reinforcing the values that they hold as admirable within themselves, values they are more than willing to speak to others about at any time. They are haughty and self-centered, but can portray an image of kindness and compassion at will, they hold up their materialistic wealth or their knowledge of the workings of the world as proof that they are better than most, and therefore are deserving of more praise and honor. It matters little the size of the crowd that surrounds them, as long as they are lifted up as its leader, ambition and drive to excel shows others that they are worthy to be followed.

Strength is a key factor with the eternally lost, those that the wrath of God abides on, (John 3:36) whether it be physical strength, strength of character, knowledge, it matters not the type, as long as it is noticed by others. Perception is of an incredible value to them, what they believe themselves to be is who they desire to be seen as, and any modification that is necessary to maintain that persona will be utilized to its fullest possibilities. They are as adept at hiding the truths about themselves as they are at exposing it in others, those who are above them are only in that position because of luck, chance or coincidence, while they have worked hard and diligently to attain their position, they are all kings and queens, the world has just not recognized them as such yet.

If these have heard of hell, they will flatter themselves and see within them a goodness that will keep them from it, they have accustomed themselves to the occasional good deed, just in case. Kindness, not extended on a continual level, but at least shown on a fairly regular basis, will in their mind be rewarded, the good deeds will outweigh the bad, entrance will be permitted into their imagined heaven. So sure are they of this that all else that they conceive to accomplish for themselves is of no consequence, as long as there is a sufficient amount of perceived goodness, always done in plain sight of others, then they are virtually assured of an eternity of pleasure and ease within their own minds. It is in their own confidence and strength that this plan is established, and as all of the rest of their lives has been, once the plan is set in place, if it does not come to fruition as they had predetermined, it is blamed on another. If they believe themselves to be in error in their thinking about their eternal state, they cast these thoughts aside as irrelevant, deep down they know themselves to be a good person, no matter what their external actions may be, no matter the thoughts and intentions of their heart, if there is a hell it is for the evil, wicked bad people, not for them.

These serve the creature, themselves, more than the creator, and they have turned the Truths of God into a lie, (Romans 1:25) they have turned to their own way. (Isaiah 53:6) The lust of the eyes are to be grasped, the lust of the flesh is to be enjoyed, and the pride of life is to be expected, they have chosen a way that seems right to them, but it will lead to eternal death and torment. This is what we are trying to talk to when we speak to the lost my friends, this is why it is so difficult to help them understand, this is why so few find the path, (Matt. 7:14) they have of their own free will determined not to look for it, whether they live in a palace or on the street, they are good enough.

No man comes to Christ unless God calls him, (John 6:44) many are called, but few are chosen. (Matt. 22:14) Finding the called can be difficult enough, finding the chosen is a rare thing indeed. “He that believeth on Him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.” (John 3:18)

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