Borrowed Truths

Stay the Course

Borrowed Truths

Stay the Course

One of the things that has happened over the last few decades is the all inclusiveness of the church, and in no way has it created a positive influence on the lost, or brought more souls to Christ, in fact it has done just the opposite. Spiritual pride is a great sin against God, and it is the path that many have chosen in these types of assemblies, they have become a gathering place for those who do not know they are lost.

An all-inclusive resort is a place where once payment is made, all at the resort is available to the guest, meals, drinks, use of on-site equipment, nearly everything has been included in the initial cost, there are no more charges laid to the account of the guest. Now, in a way, this sounds a little like Heaven, doesn’t it, once we acknowledge that what Jesus Christ did on the cross was all that was necessary for our salvation, all of the grace and mercy of God is available to us. “He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” (Romans 8:32) But Satan is exceptionally good at what he does, and so it is with this analogy that he has deceived certain religious organizations, and even some churches, into believing that they are a special club, an all-inclusive place, and vanity has puffed these people up enough to believe it.

Many have been around for centuries, do as we do and you will not only be accepted by us, but by God, if not, then you are in error, and will find yourself pleasing to neither, but many churches who once gave God the glory and warned the lost of the impending doom that awaits all who reject His Son have also fallen into this trap. Those who reprove and correct are cast out as ones who are judgmental, if the spiritual discernment of the hierarchy within the church is questioned, you will be found to be in error, if those who are knowingly living in a life of sin are reproached, you will be seen as not only judgmental, but unloving. Vanity has led to spiritual pride, and spiritual pride has led to an all-inclusive type of church, it seems backwards, I know, but it is nevertheless the truth. All must be included, and if you do not agree with this notion, then you will be excluded, it makes perfect sense if you are easily deceived, it is an unimaginable sin if you are aware of the truths of God’s Word.

Gays and lesbians are not only allowed to sit alongside the fellowship, but they are encouraged to. “Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.” (Romans 1:32) Some are even in positions of leadership, some individuals are in the throes of adultery, even among those who stand behind the podium, and they return each Sunday with the blessings of others in attendance who say they are serving Christ, polluters of the faith who are not seen as blemishes on their assemblies. (James 1:12) All-inclusive today in many places of worship means everyone is welcome, all the time, no matter what type of lifestyle you have chosen for yourself, and no matter how long you intend to remain in it. Satan is winning, God is love, everyone is welcome, no repentance is necessary, His love covers all sins, even those that these have chosen to continue in of their own free will.

In these churches you will hear, “No one should ever judge anyone,” but you will not hear sermons on the needed repentance of certain named sins, you will hear, “All are welcome, no matter what,” unless you question those who say so with the truths of the Scriptures. Churches are bringing leaders in who will scratch their ears (2 Tim. 4:3), and those who say loudly, “Thus saith the Lord,” are cast from their midst in one way or another, those who welcome the inerrant Truths of the Word of God are made to not feel welcome.

Spiritual pride is one of the strongest vices, it lays hold firmly upon vanity, and its sisters’ envy and jealousy are never far behind. It takes very little to deceive some people, just point out one place in the Scriptures where they can be made to believe that there is a contradiction, and you have the beginnings of an entirely new religious order, and when one is deceived, others will follow. With this lack of Spiritual and Scriptural discernment inevitably come traditions, and not long after that, traditions are taught as the truths of Scripture. (Col. 2:8) It is a known and well-worn path that our adversary has used for many centuries, and so it is no surprise that it is working just as well now as it has in the past. There is one small twist to his trickery this time, although it is not the first time that he has attempted to incorporate it into his plan, it is love. All must be loved, all must be welcomed and accepted just as they are, no matter how long they decide to stay that way, to not adhere to this ideology is not just a sign of an uncaring and unloving person, but that of a bigot and racist, no matter the ideology or the skin color of the one in question. To not tolerate all, no matter what, is to be intolerant, and the intolerant are to be reeducated or suffer the consequences of their actions. Therefore, those that serve a Risen Savior who calls for the repentance of sin and will judge those as unrighteous and worthy of eternal torment is an intolerant person, and must themselves be judged. Welcome to the apostacy, prepare for either the rapture or the tribulation, your choice.

Our longsuffering Lord is not going to put up with this sin much longer, and He is not well pleased with those who are His servants not speaking up about it, if we do not warn them about their evil ways, who will, did you believe that one day they will just automatically become enlightened with the Truth? Pride is a terrible sin against God, perhaps one of the worst, for it says, “I don’t need God,” but spiritual pride says, “I know better than God,” and the next step from there is a desire to be like God, ask Satan how that worked out for him, if you get an opportunity to meet him. “Knowledge puffeth up.” (1 Cor. 8:1) Spiritual knowledge becomes wisdom, and this is how we are drawn close to our Lord, how we grow in the knowledge of His grace (2 Peter 3:18), but spiritual pride is of Satan, that is why our Lord told the pharisees that their father was the devil (John 8:44).

If you are in a church that says that something must be added to what Christ did on the cross for your salvation, if tradition has been placed alongside the truths of Scripture as just as important as Scripture, if the foundational truths of the Word of God are not the foundation of the fellowship, get out and don’t go back. I have attended churches for a short period of time that had a perfectly written and well balanced doctrinal statement of faith, only to find that they were in no way adhering to it, and I have been asked not to return to churches when I voiced the Truths of God’s Word and held them up in the light of what they were preaching. We wouldn’t even exist if it were not for the hand of God, no one has the right to any kind of pride, much less that of Spiritual pride, we are but dust, and we should give God the glory for remembering that (Psalm 103:14) Stay on the path, things are going to get rough in the future, but be faithful and stay on the path.

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