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Speak Properly

My brothers and sisters in Christ, you must be sure, you must be very, very sure every single time that you open your mouth to speak, that every sentence and word, every conversation reflects the Lord Jesus.

 Those who do not know you as an ambassador of the Most High God must realize when we are speaking to them that, in a sense, they are speaking to someone that is not from here, someone that represents the kingdom of the Most High. Those who know that you have been born-again will expect no less from you, and those who have either of their own free will or as emissaries of our adversary will do all that they can to “trip you up,” to find fault in you, to, as they say, knock you down a notch, no arrogancy must be found in us, only humility in service and words, we must give an account daily without waiting to be asked, and we must not fail in this endeavor.

We will of course at times though, and no matter how difficult it may seem to be in these times, no matter how vile that person may be, no matter their intentions, we must ask them to forgive us, for we have not behaved ourselves properly as ambassadors to our King. I do not believe many Christians today realize the gravity of their calling, I believe many think that they can simply “slide by” in this life, not realizing our salvation in Christ is one thing, and living that life is a completely different matter.

Most generally, once a person comes to the knowledge that you are a Christian, and by the way, the only way they will ever know that is if you inform them of it, then usually they will behave in a slightly different manner. You more than likely have witnessed this many times, if indeed you are witnessing to them, as time passes on, they will either desire what we have, they will simply tolerate you, or they will begin to verbally and in other ways begin to deride you. These are most generally the only three avenues open to them.

What we have been blessed with they should want, that is the role of an ambassador of Christ, to give the message of salvation in such a way as to make it irresistible to the hearer, and so our words take precedence over our actions, though both must go hand in hand. People will believe what you say if they see your life reflecting your words, but without the words, without the verbalization of the reason why you are why you are, they will know you as nothing more than a nice person, a polite and kind individual. In this way, nearly every step, every action, every word must be given forethought, to a degree each day must be planned out.

The very first thing of course is complete and total submission to the will and Word of God by the power of the Holy Spirit, our Lord has never turned away any of His children’s requests when that request is to be able to glorify His name each day, He will open the doors if you ask. But we must in faith step through that door, we must be prepared “and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear.” (1 Peter 3:15) And that does not only mean to those that will ask, but it means in our own initiative, speaking before we are spoken to. And we cannot be wrong, the truth in love must always come from our lips, whether we are building up or reproving, each word must be carefully thought out, prayed over, even as we speak.

I have found myself over the last few years when in a conversation with someone, no matter who they are, asking the Lord as we speak if there is something that He has to say to this person, and I have heard statements come from me that I know I did not initiate. The responsibility we have is enormous, we are speaking for the Lord Jesus, we are ambassadors of the Most High, there is time for frivolity in the conversation, but no foolishness, there is time for humor and laughter, but not for laughter at the expense of our faith in Christ. Every person that you meet and speak with is not just an opportunity to bring someone to Christ, or if it is another brother or sister just a time to pass away the hours. Every person has a destiny in front of them, either heaven or hell, we do not make that decision for them, but we are responsible to speak to them.

Without studying to show yourself approved, (2 Tim 2:15) you will never be prepared, without praying fervently to be filled with the knowledge of His will, (Col. 1:9) you will be clueless as what to say when these individuals come before you, without a deep seated unspoken humility, you will not be heard when you do speak. I do not mean to sound facetious or conceited here my friends, but believe it or not, we, the born-again believers are the most important people on this planet, we know the future, we are in contact with the Creator and Sustainer of all reality, (Col. 1:17) we are the ones that Almighty God is using to reach a lost world.

Begin to realize who you are in Christ, begin to serve today, pray to be a profitable servant, filled not only with the knowledge of His truth, but the ability to speak it to others.

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