Borrowed Truths

Some “Ands”

some ands
Borrowed Truths

Some “Ands”

I have some “ands” for you, and, there’s the first one, although I hinder no one from reading any of these letters written to you, this one is specifically for those who are married, and even more for those who have been married long enough to not only understand the patience and prayer that makes a marriage worthwhile, but those who are truly in love.

Every Christian married couple understands fully that one plus one equals three, and it is not because you have a child, every man knows that his wife comes before his children, and so does every God-fearing wife. Marriage is the closest approximation of our personal relationship with the Lord, it is the tie that binds, and it has been in place since our first parents. Even if Adam did not know Eve by the name wife, God made it quite clear to him when He said, “Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife.” (Gen. 3:17) We eat, sleep, drink, walk, and talk together, when we have problems, we work them out together, when we are frustrated, we take it out on each other, but there is always that foundation which is Christ, He is why we stay together, He is why we are together.

We are nothing alike, no matter how long we are together, there are always two separate and distinct individuals under that one roof, and at times only one of them is happy, but that does not matter, because there is a commitment, and that commitment was and is not only to each other, but to the Lord. No marriage, no matter how long it lasts, no matter how much love is expressed between the man and the woman is complete unless Christ is at the center of it. And yes, marriage is between only a man and a woman, all else is a grievous sin against God.

The most intimate that this couple can be is when they are having intercourse, God designed sex and it is a blessing to us and an honorable way to praise Him in that time, in fact, it is so important to Him that He has said that it should never occur unless the couple are married. Which brings us to all those ands. Since this couple has been set together by the Lord, and since He is the One that is glorified in the marriage, and since sex has been given to us in the marriage, and since love is expressed in the most intimate of ways in intercourse, then is there sex in heaven. Now, I know a lot of you just thought of Matthew 22:30, “For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” And I am not one to dissect some Scripture verses to attempt to make them fit what I want them to say, but in that verse the Lord said nothing about those who are already married.

It was one of the main reasons I felt it was necessary to make clear just what marriage is in the eyes of God. If you are one that believes opposite to the statement I just made, I would ask you this, that woman you love, who else would you want to explore eternity with, that man that is only behind Christ in your life, who else would you rather spend time going through all of time with?

For those of you that would agree with me on these points, then you understand, everyone in heaven is going to be your brothers and sisters, you will love each of them with an eternal love, but there is and always will be that one special person above all the rest, she will not be better than the others, but she will be closer to you than all the others, he will not be the best man in heaven, but he will be your man.

In my humble opinion for the Almighty to take that away from those of us who understand this is inconceivable, and it makes Psalm 16:11 that much less sweet to me, for without her, I cannot experience those pleasures fully. As for the sex, well, we will just have to wait and see.

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